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Using the HP Jornada CF Camera on your IPAQ Pocket PC

Applies to: All non Jornada Pocket PC devices


1. Introduction

The HP Jornada CF camera is a cool add-on for a Pocket PC that enables picture taking, video recording and video communications on the Pocket PC.

In order to use the HP Jornada Compact Flash camera on your IPAQ Pocket PC (or any other non-Jornada Pocket PC) you need to properly install the camera drivers onto your device and download and install software that will be able to utilize this camera.

2. Installing the camera drivers

First download the CF Camera drivers from HP's website by clicking on the following link:


Now to the tricky part. These drivers will not install on a non-Jornada Pocket PC unless you do the installation manually.
You need to extract the proper .cab installation file from the above download, copy it onto your IPAQ and then run the installation on the IPAQ itself to install the drivers. Let's do this:

First make sure your Pocket PC is not connected to the PC via Activesync.

  1. Double click on the above file after it's downloaded onto your desktop PC. This will start the InstallShield Wizard.
  2. Click on "Next >" and in the location to save files specify "C:\HPCAMERA". Now click NEXT again. This will extract the .cab files into the above directory. You will now get a message saying that your device is not connected. Click OK.
  3. No proceed to open the C:\HPCAMERA directory on your desktop PC using File Explorer. Inside this directory you will find a file called "camppc.PPC_ARM.CAB". This is the camera driver for the Pocket PC. Leave this window open (this is window #1).
  4. Now connect your Pocket PC to its cradle and establish an Activesync connection. Once your device is connected, click on EXPLORE in Activesync to open the "\My Documents" folder on your Pocket PC (this is window #2).
  5. Now click and drag the camppc.PPC_ARM.CAB file from the desktop PC (window #1) into the Pocket PC's "\My Documents" folder (window #2). This will copy the above driver cab file onto the Pocket PC.
  6. Now to the last step. Disconnect your handheld device from the cradle and open File Explorer on the Pocket PC. You will see the above copied .cab file in the "\My Documents" folder. Tap once on the file to run the installation of the camera driver.

That's it. The camera driver is now installed onto your device. You will notice (if you go to Programs/HP Applications on the Pocket PC) that HP has bundled some software with this driver but it will not run on your non-Jornada device.

3. Installing camera software that you can actually use

There are not many Pocket PC applications that utilize the Jornada CF Camera. However, we're aware of two of them that you can use.

  1. Microsoft Portrait - http://research.microsoft.com/~jiangli/portrait/ , a freeware "...research prototype for mobile video communication.".
    You can use Microsoft Portrait for video conferencing on your Pocket PC as well picture taking -  highly recommended.


  2. iPictures and iVideo by Media Motion http://www.handango.com/PlatformProductDetail.jsp?productId=30886 ,can be used to capture videos and photos with the camera.

Both of these applications can be downloaded from the above linked websites. Once the software is installed, connect the compact flash camera to the Pocket PC and run the software. That's all folks!

Try out our Pocket Stock Monitor and Essential Contax Professional and increase your productivity with your Pocket PC.


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