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Updating your Pocket PC handheld device with the latest Microsoft EUU Patch

Applies to: Contax, Essential Contax and Essential Contax PRO


1. Introduction

Before running any version (or demo version) of Contax, Essential Contax or Essential Contax PRO on most PocketPC 2002 devices, you need to make sure that your device has been updated with the most recent Microsoft PocketPC 2002 EUU Update patch.

2. How do I know if I have a PocketPC 2002 Device?

Here is a current list of all PocketPC2002 devices that require this PocketPC2002 End User Update (EUU2):

  1. Compaq IPAQ 3800 series
  2. Compaq IPAQ 3700 series
  3. Compaq IPAQ 3600 series with the PocketPC2002 upgrade
  4. HP Jornada 560 series
  5. Audiovox Maestro (same as Toshiba e570)
  6. Toshiba e570, e310
  7. Casio E-200
  8. NEC Mobilepro P300
  9. Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX
  10. 02 XDA
  11. Legend XP100

NOTE: Newer devices such as the 3900 series IPAQ do not require this update.

3. Where do I download this PocketPC2002 update?

If you have a Compaq IPAQ

1. On your desktop PC, go to this URL to get the EUU2 update: http://www.compaq.com/support/files/handhelds/us/download/15068.html

Click on "download" to download the EUU file from HP/COMPAQ. When the file is downloaded on your desktop PC, open it. Go through with the installation and when it is done, the update files will be stored in a directory on your desktop PC.

2. Now on your PC, open Windows Explorer and go to C:\IPAQ\SP21191 - this is where the update is - keep this window open.

3. Put your IPAQ in its cradle and connect it to the PC via Activesync.

4. In Activesync, click on "Explore" to see files on your IPAQ.

5. Copy the file "PPCEUU2_ENG.CAB" from the first window (in c:\IPAQ\SP21191) to the IPAQ window.

6. Make sure your IPAQ is in its cradle and IT IS CHARGING.

7. Now with your stylus (and while your IPAQ is still in the cradle) go to START\PROGRAMS and open File Explorer. Make sure you can see the PPCEUU2_ENG file (it will be in "My Documents" folder).

8. Tap on the PPCEUU2_ENG file. This starts the update! Wait until the update is done (it will take around 5 minutes). During this time, don't touch the IPAQ.

That's it! Now run Contax, Essential Contax or Essential Contax PRO.

Note: The directory and the file referred to above are valid for the US version of the PocketPC2002 update. For other language versions (German, French, Spanish, etc), go to “C:\IPAQ\” and find your country code

If you have an HP Jornada (2 steps)

Please follow the installation instructions on HP’s website to:

a) Download and install the Firmware Update (check if you need it):


b) Download and install the PocketPC2002 EUU Update:


If you have a Casio E-200

Pocket PC 2002 update File Version 1.1

Download and un-zip the above file and read the installation instructions in order to update your device.

4. Other devices:

For devices made by other manufacturers, please visit your device manufacturer’s support webpages and look for "EUU2" to get this update.

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