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For Windows Mobile devices with Touch Screens

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Photo Contacts PRO

Business PRO


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  Advanced Contact Management
  Browse contacts with pictures and style integrating 4 views (Tile, Icon, List, Detail View)
  Easily add, edit, delete and duplicate contacts, create tasks and appointments - full integration with the phone's Outlook contact database
  Quickly find and dial contacts with your finger - Intelligent Search Keypad, Vertical Letter Bar, Favorite Contacts
  Group and view contacts by category
  Fast Photo Dialing and SMS with your finger
  Quick SMS Sending with pre-defined SMS messages
  Assign photos to contacts easily
  Send SMS, Email and contact pictures
  Personalization with over 15 skins/themes
  Today Screen Enhancements
  Add your favorite contacts to the Today Screen for fast Dialing and SMS
  See recent caller pictures on the Today Screen for easy re-dialing and SMS
Advanced and Automatic Profiles
  Scheduled, Automatic and Temporary switching of phone settings based on your schedule
  Meeting detection with multiple meeting triggers based on meeting category or subject
  Profile Scheduler automatically switches phone profiles based on hours, days, calendar
  Timed Temporary Profiles enable you to quickly switch to a certain profile temporarily
Advanced Photo Caller ID technology 
  Business and Full screen Photo Caller ID, Large Text Caller ID, Large Picture Caller ID
  Enables Speakerphone Answer, Reject with SMS and Silence buttons during an incoming call
Advanced Call Blocking/Filtering
  Automatically Reject, Hang Up or silence calls from specific individuals, groups or unknown/private callers
Distinctive Ringtone Management
  Assign Distinctive rings to contacts, contact groups and Unknown and Private callers
Distinctive SMS Tone Management
  Assign Distinctive SMS tones to contacts, contact groups and Unknown senders
Profile Picker on the Today Screen 
  Quickly switch phone profiles with your finger
  Over 15 bundled profiles utilizing Call Blocking, Timed Temporary Profiles, Automatic Profiles, SMS Answering Machine
Incoming SMS text message notification with SMS Picture ID
Add large, clear photos to contacts, crop and adjust contact pictures on the phone
Advanced SMS Answering machine
  Automatic Reject+SMS and SMS Answer modes
Distinctive Email Tones
  Assign Distinctive Email tones to contacts, contact groups
  Group Email
  Easily create distribution lists and send email messages to multiple recipients at the same time
  Group SMS
  Easily create distribution lists and send SMS text messages to multiple recipients at the same time
VIP Email Notifications
  Always know when you get an email from an important person (multiple custom vibration options)


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