Photo Contacts - Release Notes
(Version History)

Version Number: 3.0 - Major Release
(Changes from Version 2.0)

Release Date: 04-11-2006

* A new Visual Users' Guide (PDF) is now packaged with the installation. Also, full Quick Help is now available in the program.

New Features

  • Windows Mobile 5 Compatibility

  • Support for QVGA screen devices (portrait and landscape modes)

  • New Business Photo Caller ID mode shows a large picture of the caller together with the caller's Company, Title and phone number shown in large font

  • Category Filter lets you easily group contacts by category, switch between categories and restrict visible contacts

  • New Photo Manager allows you to assign caller ID pictures to contacts, categories and Unknown and Private callers

  • Create new contacts, edit contacts, duplicate and remove contacts inside Photo Contacts

  • Ability to assign the hardware contacts button to open Photo Contacts

  • Enhanced contact search via Text Filter

  • Ability to preview Photo Caller ID modes


  • Performance improvements

  • New themes (skins)

  • Various other enhancements

  • Extensive Quick Help is now available in the program

  • Visual Users Guide (PDF) is bundled with the installation package

Here are a few screenshots of new features of Photo Contacts 3.0:

Business Photo Caller ID and Category Filter

Photo Manager and List View showing Company and Title information


Version Number: 2.00 - Major Release
(Changes from Version 1.1)

Release Date: 12-03-2003

New Features

  • Featuring 2 new Photo Caller ID modes (SIMPLE mode displays a smaller photo, THEMED mode displays a medium sized photo)

  • Awesome new Photo Adjust Engine lets you crop and adjust contact photographs on the Smartphone

  • Photo Browser lets you easily assign photos to contacts on the phone (great for camera phones). SmartName is still the preferred option for assigning many contact photos at once.

  • SMS/MMS/Email support facilitates easy message sending through Photo Contacts

  • Contact photos can now be sent via MMS, Email and Infrared (via PhotoBeam)

  • Caller ID Name Override feature fixes the Caller ID bug in US based Smartphones (i600, MPX-200)

  • Option to enable continuous ringtones

  • Ability to sort contacts by Company Name

  • Photo ZOOM feature (just press * to display a large photograph of the selected contact)

  • Incoming Call forwarding info is shown in Themed Photo Caller ID (support varies by network)

  • Enhanced call dialog remembers the last selected number for each contact for Talk-Talk functionality

  • Automatic auto-run at startup loads Photo Contacts in the background


  • Enhanced support for memory cards

  • Performance improvements across the board (everything is faster!)

  • Various other enhancements