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PHOTO CONTACTS TM Smartphone Edition
An award winning must-have application for your Smartphone!



For detailed, printable help please see the Visual Users Guide


Photo Contacts Installation Instructions

These instructions apply both to the Demo and the Full version of Photo Contacts.


Note: For best operation, the program needs to be installed in internal memory on the device.

  1. After purchasing the program, you will be prompted to download the installation package (.zip file). Save the file onto your PC's Desktop. Double click on the .zip file and un-zip it into a new folder. This folder will contain the .exe setup file as well as program documentation.

  2. Un-install the demo version by going to START>Settings>Remove Programs to remove it from the device, if it's installed.

  3. Turn-off and then Turn-on your phone.

  4. Connect your Smartphone to your PC and establish an Activesync connection

  5. On your PC, double click on the .exe setup file to start the installation process. Follow the installation wizard that installs the application onto your device. Install the program in the default location (internal memory).

  6. Now you can run Photo Contacts from the START menu on the Smartphone.

  Please save the installation files in case you need to re-install the software in the future.


Un-installing the full or the demo version

  1. On the Smartphone, press START>Settings>Remove Programs, select the program and un-install it.

  2. Turn-off, Turn-on the phone.


SmartName Instructions
Assigning many photos to contacts at once on your PC

SmartName Overview
In addition to manually assigning photos to contacts, Photo Contacts features the PocketX exclusive SmartNameTM method of assigning photos to contacts. With SmartName, you can easily assign many photos to contacts fast, and you need to do this only once!

Now you can copy, back-up and transfer these contact photographs between other computers, Smartphones, Pocket PCs, etc.
If you ever hard-reset your Smartphone or Pocket PC or your device looses its data and you need to re-install Photo Contacts, you can simply copy your images to the Smartphone (or insert the memory card) and you're done!


SmartName Instructions

SmartName is accomplished by naming your contact images in a simple manner and then transferring them onto the device.

1. Save your contact images in JPG format to a folder on your PC. Limit the size of the photos to less than 150x150 pixels (120x120 is recommended) for best performance. If you need to crop photos from large digital camera files you can use a free program like Irfanview.

2. SmartName :: Name the image files in the same way your contacts are named.

Name your contact photo files in the following manner:

<first name>[SPACE]<last name>.jpg


John Doe.jpg
Lisa Green.jpg

Please make sure you're not adding a double ".jpg" extension to your files in Windows. In Windows Explorer, click on Tools/Folder Options/View and make sure that the "Hide extensions for known file types" is NOT checked. This will make sure that you can see the .jpg extension in Windows.

3. Connect your Smartphone to the PC and click on Explore in Activesync to browse folders on your phone

4. Copy all of your contact photos to one of the following folders on the Smartphone:

To store photos in phone's Internal memory

\IPSM\My Documents\Photo Contacts\
(on Smartphone 2002 devices, eg. mpx-200, i600, SPV, etc.)


\Storage\My Documents\Photo Contacts\
(on Smartphone 2003 devices, eg. SPV e200, SMT5600, C500, etc.)


\My Documents\Photo Contacts\
(on Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone devices)

This is the default contact photo folder if you wish to store your contact photos in the phone's internal memory (Photo Contacts will by default look for your photos here)


To store photos on a Memory Card

       \Storage Card\My Documents\Photo Contacts\

This is the default contact photo directory if you wish to store your contact photos on a memory card

5. Open Photo Contacts on the phone. If Photo Contacts is already running, press up/down to load the newly added photos and automatically associate them with your contacts in Outlook.
If you have selected a memory card storage location for the photos above, press Menu>Options in Photo Contacts and select a memory card for the "Photo Location" by pressing left-right.


Photo Contacts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question Will Photo Contacts work on my device?
Answer Photo Contacts is compatible with all Windows Mobile Smartphone devices running Windows Mobile 5 and Smartphone 2003 and 2002, including the Audiovox SMT500, Orange C500, Motorola i930, MPx220, MPx200, etc.
Question There is already a shortcut called "Photo Contacts" on my phone but the application is not Photo Contacts. What is this?
Answer No, this is not the real Photo Contacts. This is the old IA Caller ID with the shortcut that is named incorrectly.

"Photo Contacts" is a trademark of PocketX Software Inc.

Question How do I add contact photographs to my device?
Answer Use SmartName! Please see section above or read the Help Guide.

Alternatively, you can manually assign photos by pressing Menu>Photo>Assign and browsing for images on the phone (useful only if your Smartphone has a camera).

Question Should I install Photo Contacts onto a memory card or in main memory?
Answer We recommend that the program be installed in main memory of the device for faster loading.
Question Where should I store my contact photos?
Answer Contact photos can be stored in main memory on the device itself or on a memory card. Storing photos on a memory card will save space on the device as well as make sure you don't lose your photos in case of the device loosing its data.

You can also re-use the memory card if you have more than one device running Photo Contacts (for example a second Smartphone or a Pocket PC).

Question While manually assigning photos, how do I get to the memory card?
Answer When browsing photos in Manual Assign mode, simply press the BACK button on the phone to go up the folder tree.
Question What is the recommended image size for contact photographs?
Answer 120x120 pixels is the optimum. This will provide enough detail with full screen Photo Caller ID and will ensure optimum speed. 150x150 of course looks even better but might be slower on older devices.
Question I am having trouble assigning photos to contacts. I have named by images properly and transferred them to my Smartphone but they are not showing up.
Answer Please make sure you're not adding a double ".jpg" extension to your images in Windows on your PC. Open 'My Computer' and click on Tools/Folder Options/View. Make sure that the "Hide extensions for known file types" is NOT checked.
Question I have loaded the demo version of Photo Contacts on my Smartphone. However, the pictures that I assigned to the contacts do not come up. Any suggestions?
Answer The DEMO version of Photo Contacts is limited to displaying and using the first 8 contact photos only. All other contacts with photos will display a demo image. Therefore, you should assign a photo to one of the first 8 contacts in the list, depending on the sort-order of the contacts in Photo Contacts.

Do a small test:
  1. Create a contact on your Smartphone with the first name "A" and last name "A". Give it your home telephone number in the Home Telephone Number field.
  2. Crop a contact photo using a simple image editor (Irfanview works really well) and name the image "A A.jpg"
  3. Connect your Smartphone to your computer and establish an Activesync Connection
  4. Click on "Explore" in Activesync and browse to "\Storage\My Documents\Photo Contacts" on the Smartphone.
  5. Copy the "A A.jpg" image from the PC onto the Smartphone.

    Now open Photo Contacts and you should see A A as the first contact in the list with the photo. Call your Smartphone from your home phone and you will see the photo when the phone rings (Photo Caller ID).
Question When assigning photos to contacts manually on my device, how do I browse to the memory card?
Answer Simply press the BACK button on your phone to browse up the folder tree in the photo assign browser.
Question Why does Photo Contacts always point to "\My Documents\Photo Contacts\" when I press Photo>Assign. Should it not open the folder specified in Photo Location?
Answer When you press Menu>Photo>Assign, Photo Contacts opens the My Documents folder and selects the most recently saved photo automatically as the Smartphone camera will store pictures in this folder. This lets you quickly pick a photo taken by the Smartphone camera and assign it to the contact.

Photo Location is the folder where Photo Contacts keeps your contact photos. Once you select an image to assign to a contact, that image is re-sampled, re-named and stored in the Photo Location. If you ever need to back-up your contact photos, copy this folder to your desktop computer. Then if you have hard-reset your device you can simply transfer this folder once you re-install Photo Contacts.

Question How do I disable IA Caller ID?
Answer Click here for instructions.
Other Questions?

Email us at support@pocketX.net and we will be glad to help you!





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SmartName Instructions


Frequently Asked Questions


Download Demo

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The demo has been updated to include the new features of version 3.0.

See the Version History


This fully functional demo version is limited to displaying photos for the
first 6 contacts on your phone.
Please read the DEMO Notice included with the installation for more information.

VISUAL USERS GUIDE (pdf) included with the installation package is a really good start to using Photo Contacts.

Try something new!

Now you can download and purchase  Photo Contacts directly with your Smartphone with Handango InHand

(developed by PocketX Software)


Handango InHand is an on-device download client that works through a cellular data connection (eg. GPRS) or via Activesync.

Click on the screenshot below to download Handango InHand

Handango Inhand Screenshots

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