Instructions for disabling IA Caller ID  (IA Caller ID is NOT Photo Contacts !!!)

NOT REQUIRED ON Motorola i930, MPx200, MPx220 or Windows Mobile 5 devices

*This applies to Orange C500, Audiovox SMT5600, Qtek 8010, iMate SP3, Orange SPV e200 and other devices running Smartphone 2003.


Option #1 (before installing Photo Contacts):

1. Open IA Caller ID

2. Press Menu>Options>General and un-check the "Display photo during incoming or waiting call" box.


Option #2 (if you already installed Photo Contacts):

1. On the phone, press START>File Manager
2. Browse to Storage\Windows\StartUp
3. Press List View
4. Press Menu>Options and un-check “Hide hidden files”, “Hide System files”, “Hide files in ROM”, press DONE.
5. Select “IA_CID_Startup.exe” and press Menu>File>Move To
6. Select Storage>Program Files, press DONE
7. Soft-reset the phone (turn-off, turn-on)


Option #3 (if you already installed Photo Contacts, other devices):

1. Connect your phone to your PC and establish an Activesync connection

2. Click the Explore button in Activesync to browse folders on the phone

3. Browse to \Storage\Windows\StartUp\

4. Delete (or move) "IA_CID_Startup.exe"

5. Soft-reset the phone (turn-off, turn-on).


If you need help with this please email us at and we will be glad to assist you.