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Smart Ring PRO (Android Edition)

Last updated 2/20/2012


Smart Ring PRO controls ringtone volume and call blocking on your phone

Smart Ring PRO adds advanced Call Filtering profiles to your phone.
Profiles control ring volume, ring type, system and notification volume and enable call blocking/filtering.

To quickly select a new profile tap on the Profile Picker Widget on your Android home screen.
You can also select a new profile by opening Smart Ring PRO from the Applications menu.

To customize profiles open Smart Ring PRO and tap on the "Call Filter Manager" button.


Add the Profile Picker Widget to your Home Screen

Tap and hold on the Home Screen, select Widget and then select Smart Ring PRO. This will add the Smart Ring PRO widget to your home screen letting you quickly switch profiles and control ringtone volume and call blocking.

Tip Quickly switch or enable profiles from your Android Home Screen

Smart Ring PRO includes a Profile Picker Widget that can be placed anywhere on your Home screen.

Tap the Profile Picker icon to select a profile, select a temporary profile or activate an automatic profile.


With Automatic Profiles and Call Blocking,  Smart Ring PRO adds real intelligence to your phone.


Case #1: You wish not to be disturbed at night except by calls from your core family

Assign your family members to the Family category by editing contacts. Then in the Profile Manager, set the "Family Only" profile to reject all calls (DEFAULT  =  Reject) except from the Family category (Family = Bypass). Now use the Auto Profile Manager to schedule times when you wish this category to be active (eg. 11PM - 7AM).

Case #2: You are tired of being disturbed by your phone during a meeting but you wish to allow calls from your boss.

Using the Profile Manager, configure a new profile called "Boss Only" to reject all calls except from your boss (Default=Reject,  Boss=Bypass). Using the Profile Picker widget, activate the Profile when in a meeting. The phone will now automatically reject all calls except from your boss.

Case #3: You want to completely block calls from an undesired individual

Using the Profile Manager, tap on a contact and select Reject. Now all calls from this individual will be automatically rejected and sent to voicemail. All other calls will be allowed to ring through.

It's easy to use Smart Ring PRO's profiles to suit your life's needs.





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The Visual Users' Guide contains detailed, printable information on all aspects of using Smart Ring PRO.

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