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Android Edition

Smart Ring PRO increases your productivity and empowers your mobile experience.

Screenshots of NEW Version 2.0

Smart Ring PRO - Launcher Profile Manager set up for Call Blocking
Launcher - Profile Picker
Allows you to quickly switch profiles that control phone sounds and call blocking
Call Filter/Profile Manager
Easily customize sound profiles and set up call blocking
Smart Ring PRO - Sound Settings per profile Call Filtering, Call Blocking per contact/category
Sound Settings per Profile are global settings that apply to the profile in case individual contact/category settings are not set Sound/Call Filter settings can be applied per individual contact or category, to Unknown/Private callers or All Contacts
Smart Ring PRO - Automatic Profile Manager Smart Ring PRO - Automatic Profile switching
Automatic Profile Manager
 Your phone sounds change automatically, based on a schedule you set
Automatic Mode - Easily pick a profile, set a time it runs and days of week the setting is active for.
Temporary Profiles Smart Ring PRO - Custom temporary profiles
Quick list of Temporary Profiles lets you easily switch to "Silent for 2 hours" when in a movie theather Custom Temporary Profiles allow you to pick any profile to be run in temporary mode
Widget lets you open the Profile Picker quickly to switch profiles, and it also shows remaining time of temporary profiles  


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