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High Quality Ringtones and SMS Tones
Personalize your phone with some great sounds



Installation Instructions
All Ringtone Packs


Every High-Quality Ringtone Package contains a full desktop installer. Ringtones are installed by running the installation executable on your desktop computer with the phone connected.

If you don't have the installation files you can re-download them by clicking here.


For Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT users:

  1. Soft reset the phone/turn it off-on

  2. Connect your phone to your computer and establish an Activesync or Windows Mobile Device Center connection.

  3. Run the installer on your computer - open the installation package .zip file you downloaded when you purchased the software. The package contains the Ringtone Pack desktop installer .exe file (PocketX_...). Double click on this file to start the installation process.

  4. Check your mobile device to authorize the installation. If prompted to choose the installation location on the phone, select device (internal memory, required for best performance).


Instructions for assigning the sounds as Ringtones/SMS Tones*:

If you purchased one of our Standalone ringtone/sound packages (not an add-on package), then do this:

  • If your phone does not have a touch-screen, go to Start>Settings>Sounds to assign one of the sounds as a default ringtone.

  • If your phone has a touch-screen, go to Start>Settings>Phone to assign one of the sounds as a default ringtone.

If you purchased an Add-on ringtone package for Photo Contacts PRO, once installed, all ringtones will be available in the \Windows\!px_ringtones folder on the device.
Use Photo Contacts PRO to easily play and assign these sounds as ringtones or SMS tones to contacts, categories, private and unknown numbers. As soon as you open the Ringtone/SMS Tone Manager and press Assign, you will see this ringtone folder on top of the list.


If you wish to get Photo Contacts PRO 5 for your phone, click here. Photo Contacts PRO features easy to use Ringtone and SMS tone managers and lets you assign distinctive rings and SMS tones to contacts, categories, unknown and private callers so you always know who's calling or texting you.

Please make a backup of the installation package ZIP file in case you need to re-install the ringtones in the future.


* SMS Tones require Photo Contacts PRO

Congratulations! We hope that you will enjoy our high quality ringtones and sounds.


Instructions for Apple MAC users


Un-Installation Instructions
All Ringtone Packs

  1. Go to Start>Settings>Remove Programs and un-install the package.

  2. Soft-reset/power off-on the device.






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