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Pocket Stock Monitor
Release Notes (Version History)


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Version Number: 5.91
(Changes from Version 5.9)

Release Date: 11-1-2010


  • Data stream compatibility updates

  • Default portfolio updates

  • UI enhancements for latest devices

  •  Other minor enhancements

Version Number: 5.9
(Changes from Version 5.8)

Release Date: 3-2-2010

New Features

  • Windows Mobile/Windows Phone 6.5 and 6.5.3/6.5.5 compatibility

  • Support for latest devices - HTC Touch PRO2, HTC HD2, Samsung Omnia 2, HTC Imagio, HTC Pure, Sony Ericsson Xperia X2, and others

  • Finger-friendly operation for quickly switching between profiles


  • Switched to using IE for news and charts for quicker startup

  • Uupdated links for news and charts

  • Symbol lookup now using IE

  • Symbol lookup link update

  • Default portfolio updates

  • Larger fonts on buttons

  • Other UI updates

  •  Many other enhancements

Version Number: 5.8
(Changes from Version 5.6)

Release Date: 1-12-2009

New Features

  • NEW Support for Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, Verizon HTC Touch PRO, AT&T Fuze, Alltel HTC Diamond/Touch PRO, Treo 800w, Treo PRO, HTC Diamond, HTC Touch HD, HTC Touch PRO, Sprint Diamond, Sprint Touch PRO, Samsung Omnia, Toshiba g900, HTC Touch 3G, Samsung Epix, Samsung Saga, LG Incite

  • Update button allowing you to update quotes without using the timer

  • Symbol lookup in Portfolio Manager and Add Symbol menus

  • Added large, finger friendly Update Now! button for WVGA/VGA devices

  • New easy way to pick portfolios on the main screen


  • Made Opera default browser for News/Charts and Symbol Lookup; Pocket Internet Explorer used if Opera not installed

  • Fixed issue where on some WM6.1 devices symbol list would not show elements in Detail View

  • Slightly increased font size in portfolio editor and 1-quote view

  • Fix for screen turning off on some HTC devices

  • Fixed issue where full version would not install if demo version was installed

  • Updated default portfolios

  • New alarm sound

  • Other UI and minor enhancements

Screenshots of new version 5.8


12-Quote View (Black) in WVGA Hi-Resolution (480x800)    Hi-res image

4-Quote View in WVGA Hi-Resolution
  Hi-res image


Index View in WVGA Hi-Res (480x800) Business Black Hi-res image

Easily switch profiles with a finger press
  Hi-res image


Stock Detail View   Hi-res image

Adding a new symbol
  Hi-res image


Version Number: 5.6
(Changes from Version 5.5)

Release Date: 10-5-2008

New Features

  • Added support for Square QVGA (320x320), VGA (480x640) and WVGA (480x800) resolutions on devices running Windows Mobile 6/6.1

  • Added support for mutual funds


  • Added large function buttons for WVGA devices; added view switch button

  • Enhanced Performance screen

  • Changed default fetch timer interval to 4 minutes

  • Fixed issue resulting from a bad internet connection that would produce a pointer error

  • Fixed issue where symbols added via Add Symbol button on main page did not get saved

  • Added Add/Edit/Delete symbol buttons to Portfolio Editor on square screen devices

  • Other UI enhancements

Version Number: 5.5
(Changes from Version 5.4)

Release Date: 6-1-2008

* an updated Users Guide is now available

New Features

  • Support for more portfolios - the program can now support up to 80 portfolios for up to 960 symbols

  • Support for news for European users


  • "% Change" is now shown in 12-quote view when Company name is shown

  • Updated default portfolios

  • UI enhancements

  • Other minor enhancements

Version Number: 5.4
(Changes from Version 5.32)

Release Date: 12-26-2007

* an updated Users Guide is now available

New Features

  • Added Symbol Lookup enabling you to look up stock symbols on your device


  • Updated default portfolios

  • Merged daily chart and news buttons

  • Other minor enhancements

Version Number: 5.32
(Changes from Version 5.31)

Release Date: 6-20-2007


  • Windows Mobile 6 Compatible

  • Compatibility with latest server parameters

  • Added large buttons when program used in Landscape mode

  • Other minor enhancements

Version Number: 5.31
(Changes from Version 5.30)

Release Date: 12-20-2006


  • Minor enhancements for square screen users only

Version Number: 5.3
(Changes from Version 5.21)

Release Date: 11-27-2006

New Features

  • Alarms - ability to set an over and under alarm for a stock price. Audible and visual notification.

  • New Portfolio Editor supporting an unlimited number of portfolios and entering alarms

  • Added ability to get latest news for a stock

  • Added ability to get daily chart of a stock

  • New 12-quote view mode showing company names and price/change information


  • Tapping on symbols in 12-view screen shows full quote detail

  • 2 more color themes added

  • UI and other Enhancements

  • Updated Users' Guide

Version Number: 5.21
(Changes from Version 5.2)

Release Date: 07-22-2006


  • User Interface improvements

Version Number: 5.2
(Changes from Version 5.01)

Release Date: 06-01-2006

* A new Users' Guide (PDF) is now packaged with the installation.

New Features

  • Last fetch price data is saved for all portfolios

  • Easy switching between portfolios on the main screen via Portfolio List

  • Shows currency for profit/totals based on country


  • If landscape orientation detected, program opens in square screen mode

  • User Interface improvements

  • Fixes for some indices not showing properly

  • Other minor improvements

  • Updated Users Guide

Version Number: 5.01
(Changes from Version 5.0)

Release Date: 02-04-2006


  • Improvements to square screen operation
  • Improvements to regular screen operation

Version Number: 5.00 - Major Release
(Changes from Version 2004.3)

Release Date: 01-23-2006

New Features

  • Windows Mobile 5 support

  • Added Square Screen support for devices like Treo 700w and HP 6500 series


  • User Interface enhancements



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