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Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition
For Windows Phone devices without touch-screens

Transform your phone into an invaluable mobile companion.

Release Notes (Version History)

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Version Number: 6.01
(Changes from Version 6.00)

Release Date: 5-25-2010

New Features

  • Keyboard support for Samsung Code (sch-i220)


  • Other minor enhancements

Version Number: 6.0 - Major Release
(Changes from Version 5.08)

Release Date: 2-10-2010

New Features

  • Windows Phone/Windows Mobile 6.5 compatibility
  • Faster graphics and improved user experience with smooth scrolling
    Photo Contacts PRO 6 is smoother and more fun to use! Graphics will smoothly scroll while you page through contact pictures in one of the 3 views, view details, browse contact categories and search for contacts.
  • Distinctive Email Tones with VIP Email notifications
    Assign distinctive sounds to contacts for new email notifications. A custom sound will notify you when you get an email from a specific person. A custom vibration will alert you when you get an email from an important person (eg. your Boss, your Wife, the President).
  • Customizations for latest devices  - Samsung Jack, HTC Ozone, HTC Snap, Verizon HTC Ozone, Sprint Snap


  • Pressing the Back button now clears the category filter if one is active
  • Pressing the middle-joystick button in Detail view now shows the Call Dialog to enable quick calling in this view
  • Keyboard customizations for Samsung Jack, HTC Ozone/Verizon HTC Ozone, HTC Snap/Sprint Snap
  • Default theme is back to Windows Blue!
  • New splash screen
  • Many other minor enhancements

* Two short sounds and one High Quality ringtone are bundled with Photo Contacts PRO - they are stored in the \Windows\!px_ringtones folder on the phone for easy assignment as a contact ringtone or sms/email sound.


* One extra loud ringtone and one extra loud SMS tone are also bundled and stored in the \Windows folder (px_*.mp3). They are used for the Extra Loud profile.


Version Number: 5.08
(Changes from Version 5.05)

Release Date: 2-25-2009

New Features

  • T-Mobile Shadow II support

  • WM6.1 Sliding panel integration with Photo Contacts PRO's Advanced profiles

    • Easily select and switch Regular, Call Filtering, Temporary and Automatic profiles when using the Sliding Panel Home Screen theme

    • Currently active profile, type and remaining time (in case of Temporary profile) are shown in the Sliding panel

  • Easily assign commonly used Categories to contacts with a few button presses and enable contact grouping

  • Added new Extra Loud profile bundled with a custom super-loud ringtone and SMS tone to be used in noisy environments


  • Increased image size limit when assigning/adjusting photos - large digital camera photos can now be used when assigning pictures (limited by phone's memory)

  • Themes can be switched in the main Options menu

  • Fix for SMS send parameters

  • Theme enhancements for Business Blue and Business Black

  • Switched to higher photo save resolution for assigning photos for clearer pictures, added 400x400 option

  • Asus M530W keyboard support

  • Samsung i200 installation support

  • Other minor enhancements

* Two short sounds and one High Quality ringtone are bundled with Photo Contacts PRO - they are stored in the \Windows\!px_ringtones folder on the phone for easy assignment as a contact ringtone or sms/email sound.


* As of version 5.08, one extra loud ringtone and one extra loud SMS tone are also bundled and stored in the \Windows folder (px_*.mp3). They are used for the Extra Loud profile.


Version Number: 5.05
(Changes from Version 5.04)

Release Date: 5-21-2008, updated 7-31-2008

New Features

  • Samsung Blackjack 2 (i617) keyboard and wheel customizations

  • Added new themes/skins that personalize the look and feel of Photo Contacts PRO. The user can select from more than 25 skins.

    • New Business skins (Black, Blue, Pink, Silver)

    • New Artistic skins

    • New All Black/high contrast skins

  • New Theme Picker letting you visually pick the skin/theme Photo Contacts PRO uses (run at first start or from Options)

  • Two new Photo Caller ID modes:

    • Large Text Caller ID uses very large text for the name, company and number of the caller for extra easy readability

    • Large Photo Caller ID shows a picture fully covering the screen during an incoming call.

  • Colors can now be fully customized in the program in all views, for dialing, SMS sending and Caller ID

  • Samsung i325 keyboard support

  • Added .mp4a ringtone/sms tone support


  • Faster Caller ID performance

  • Photo Contacts PRO will now automatically restart itself in 60 seconds if it is closed due to low memory on the phone

  • Enhanced call filtering performance on BlackJack 2 and T-Mobile Shadow

  • Louder SMS tone volume on some devices (including Moto Q9)

  • SMS and Email tones will now vibrate on Moto Q9h/Global, BlackJack2

  • Added middle name support; Middle name shown in Detail View; middle initial shown in other views

  • Automatic profiles enhancements

  • Reject Unknown profile added

  • Louder Ringtone preview volume (now set to follow RingVolume)

  • Verizon Q9m Home screen customization

  • Motorola Q9C and Q9m keyboard customizations

  • Number formatting applied in Home Screen plugin

  • SMS/Email tones restored if program is quit

  • Allows * character to be used for redialing from Home Screen

  • When on phone, short beep is used to notify user of an incoming SMS or Email

  • Call/SMS dialog enhancements

  • Motorola Q9h, Q9C, Q9m sound customizations

  • Updated Visual Users Guide

  • Many other minor enhancements

* Two short sounds and one High Quality ringtone are now bundled with Photo Contacts PRO - they are stored in the \Windows\!px_ringtones folder on the phone for easy assignment as a contact ringtone or sms/email sound.





The new "Large Text Caller ID" mode



Business Pink (Tile View) and Business Black (List View) themes


Version Number: 5.04
(Changes from Version 5.03)

Release Date: 12-1-2007

New Features

  • T-Mobile Shadow - added full support for jog dial (scroll wheel), keyboard and full screen Photo Caller ID

  • T-Mobile Shadow Home screen speed up - get faster phone performance by using the Photo Contacts PRO plugin on the Home Screen - featuring advanced profiles and pictures of recent callers and favorite contacts

  • Distinctive Email Tones - added ability to assign distinctive sounds for incoming Email messages

  • Samsung sgh-i321n keyboard support

  • Filtering of SMS, Email per contact - sound normally played for incoming SMS and Email will be silent if the message is received from a contact that is blocked by Reject, Hangup or Silent filter.

  • Major Full Screen and Business Photo Caller ID performance increase


  • The program now automatically imports your Outlook contact pictures at first start (but does not replace existing Photo Contacts pictures)

  • Photo Contacts PRO will select its own profile to mimic profile selection changes made using regular profile menus on the phone.

  • Enhancements to automatic profile switching and recurring appointments

  • Added "Hangup Unknown" to list of preloaded profiles

  • Ability to view contact notes in detail view in Photo Contacts PRO

  • Enhancements to distinctive SMS capabilities on some phones

  • Blocks 777 and 86 from showing up in the Recent Calls list on some devices

  • Added support for umlauts

  • Distinctive SMS sound will stop playing if the hardware Reject button is pressed

  • Enhancements to Options screens - added descriptions of options

  • Included a second short sound that can be used for incoming SMS or Email

* Two short sounds and one High Quality ringtone are now bundled with Photo Contacts PRO - they are stored in the \Windows\!px_ringtones folder on the phone for easy assignment as a contact ringtone or sms/email sound.


Version Number: 5.03
(Changes from Version 5.02)

Release Date: 10-24-2007

New Features

  • Added Smartphone 2003 support and support for devices with 176x220 screens

  • Added Automatic Profile switching based on the subject of a meeting

  • Added support for SMS message sent confirmation and saving of Sent SMS messages

  • When a call filter is applied to a contact the BlockList_PC category is assigned to the contact, automatically grouping all blocked contacts

  • Added support for Full Screen Photo Caller ID on Samsung Blackjack (sgh-i600)

  • Added support for DRM protected MP3 sound files for ringtones

  • Added support for automatically switching Bluetooth ON/OFF using a profile on Motorola Q (Widcomm bluetooth stack)


  • Speed improvements - everything is now faster

  • Enhancements to the Home Screen plugin

  • SMS message sending enhancements for Motorola Q, Motorola Q9

  • Profile list is colored based on the current Home Screen theme

  • Enhancements for caller ID buttons on Motorola Q

  • Added pre-defined SMS Answer profile

  • Added option to clear recent calls on the Home Screen

  • Back button can be used to dismiss the incoming SMS message window

  • Contacts with only a company name, or only first/last name defined are sorted inline with regular contacts

Version Number: 5.02
(Changes from Version 5.01)

Release Date: 10-03-2007

* An updated Visual Users' Guide (PDF) is packaged with the installation.

* One high quality ringtone and one SMS ring are included in the "\Windows\!px_ringtones\" folder.

New Features

  • Optimizations for T-Mobile Dash, Samsung Blackjack, Motorola Q9M and Motorola Q

  • New Call Filter Profile manager allows you to easily configure sound and call filtering settings per profile

  • T-Mobile Dash for WM6 - helps with the native phone problem where the reminder sound type does not get restored (eg. When switching from Vibrate to Normal reminders still vibrate instead of sound)

  • Added new WindowsMobile6 and Silver themes (skins)


  • Enhancements to Home Screen plugin

  • Enhancements to Automatic Profile Manager

  • Updated Home Screen layout for portrait and landscape phones

  • Option to bypass profiles

Version Number: 5.00/5.01 - Major Release
(Changes from Version 4.06)

Release Date: 9-20-2007

* An updated Visual Users' Guide (PDF) is packaged with the installation.

New Features

  • Home Screen Plugin - displays Favorite Contacts with pictures, Recent Caller pictures, shows Active Profile information right on your Home Screen

  • Fully integrated Scheduled, Automatic and Temporary Timed Profiles

  • Profile Scheduler - take full control of the phone and incoming calls by creating a schedule that automatically switches phone profiles based on hours, days, calendar.

  • Automatic Profiles detect meetings and appointments and automatically switch profiles when appropriate.

  • Timed Temporary Profiles enable you to quickly switch to a certain profile temporarily (for 2 hours when in a cinema for example), automatically switching back after the time passes. They also feature a Ringtone/SMS tone override enabling you to utilize an extra loud ring when active.

  • Multiple Meeting Triggers in Automatic Profiles - Up to 8 Meeting triggers are supported allowing you to configure the phone to automatically switch profiles based on categories defined in meetings in your calendar

  • Complete Privacy - New call filter HangUp feature allows you to automatically Hang Up undesirable callers or unknown or private numbers (without sending them to voicemail)

  • SMS Answering Machine integrated with profiles - automatically Reject and send an SMS message to callers notifying them you're busy

  • Distinctive SMS Tones with Manager - know exactly who the sender is when you get an SMS message - distinctive SMS sounds can be applied to individual contacts, groups or unknown senders

  • SMS Picture ID - shows a picture of the SMS sender when an SMS message is received

  • Profiles can change ringtones and SMS tones with sound overrides

  • Profiles control Bluetooth, incoming ring volume as well as SMS message and system volume

  • Enhanced Speed Dial window allows you to quickly send or respond with custom or pre-defined SMS messages

  • Photo Manager enables you to assign pictures to contacts, contact groups (categories) and unknown/private callers for Photo Caller ID and SMS Picture ID purposes

  • Full Screen and Business Photo Caller ID feature 3 new buttons:
    - Silence (silence an incoming call without sending it to voicemail)
    - Speakerphone Answer (answer the call and automatically enable the speakerphone)
    - Reject with SMS (send the call to voicemail and send a quick SMS text message to the caller)

  • Bluetooth can be enabled/disabled via a profile, temporary profile or an automatic profile saving you precious battery power

  • Added .mp3d and .mp3-drm as valid ringtone extensions allowing DRM protected ringtones to be assigned to contacts


  • Many other enhancements and UI improvements including a glowing border effect

  • Customize incoming caller id number formatting for international users

  • New sample pictures and an alphabet map allowing large letters to be easily assigned as contact pictures included in the package

  • One high quality ringtone and one SMS tone included in "\Windows\!px_ringtones" folder.

Screenshots of new version 5.0

Home Screen Plugin

Shows recent caller pictures and allows you to add favorite contact pictures to the Home Screen for easy dialing.
Optimized for landscape and portrait screens with 2 different layouts for each.



Advanced Profile Manager - Automatic Profiles

Allows you to specify scheduled changes to profiles controlling phone sounds and call filtering. Detects meetings in your calendar and automatically switches phone to a specific profile/mode.



Temporary Profiles

Enable you to set the phone to loud, silent, vibrate or any other profile including call filtering, for a specific amount of time.



New Full Screen Photo Caller ID

With a larger picture and 3 new buttons allowing you to quickly Silence the ring, Answer with Speakerphone or Reject a Call and automatically send an SMS to the caller (Reject+SMS)



New Business Photo Caller ID


Version Number: 4.06 AE (Anniversary Edition)
(No Changes - Special Limited Time edition)

Release Date: 08-23-2007

Version 4.06 packaged with 15 ringtones from our High Quality ringtone pack.

Version Number: 4.06
(Changes from Version 4.03)

Release Date: 07-2-2007

New Features

  • Windows Mobile 6 compatible

  • Added support for WM6 T-Mobile Dash with MyFaves

  • Added support for Samsung i600, Samsung i600v

  • Ability to use Outlook pictures with Photo Contacts PRO and to export larger Photo Contacts PRO pictures into Outlook


  • Quicker Calling - Option to automatically clear contact search after a call is made

  • Active category is shown in title bar

  • Enhanced compatibility with contact database updates on some devices

  • Ability to edit all contact fields including notes via Photo Contacts PRO (Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices only)

  • Photo Contacts PRO is automatically assigned to the Contacts button (with option to disable)

  • Added 2 new themes (skins) - "x Orange" and "x Pastel"

  • Other minor enhancements

Screenshots of new version 4.06


Photo Contacts PRO Moto Q Screenshot   Photo Contacts PRO Moto Q Screenshot

Version Number: 4.03
(Changes from Version 4.02)

Release Date: 01-10-2007

New Features

  • T-Mobile Dash / HTC S620 keyboard support

  • Samsung Blackjack / Samsung SGH-i607 / Samsung SGH-i600 keyboard support


  • Quicker Search - Selection Mode is automatically entered when searching for contacts via keyboard/keypad

  • If all contacts are deleted from a visible category, program will reset the category filter

  • Business Caller ID mode showing large text is now used for all Unknown/Private calls

Version Number: 4.02
(Changes from Version 4.01)

Release Date: 11-22-2006

New Features

  • Intelligent Contact Search for Smartphone devices without a full keyboard - pressing number keys lets you quickly locate a contact based on their name, phone numbers, company name or title

  • Added Samsung i320 keyboard support

Version Number: 4.01
(Changes from Version 4.00)

Release Date: 09-15-2006


  • Enhanced Motorola Q support

  • User Interface improvements

  • Various minor enhancements

Version Number: 4.00
(First Release - based on Photo Contacts)

Release Date: 06-23-2006


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