Photo Contacts PRO (Smartphone Edition) - Best Practices

Here are a few general best practices for using Photo Contacts PRO:

1. Install Photo Contacts PRO in internal memory on the phone (important!).

2. Keep ring-ones and pictures in built in storage or internal storage memory (not on a memory card). Memory cards have wake up problems when the device is in standby mode.

3. Make sure the program is not being terminated if you use a task manager.

4. Just like other applications Photo Contacts PRO requires memory to run. Check that your device is not running extremely low on Program Memory (go to Start>Settings>About). If you have less than 8MB of free Program Memory, turn the phone off, then on.

Tip #1 : Soft-reset (turn off, turn on) your phone once in a while to keep it running in top shape (once per week is recommended)

Tip #2 : Photo Contacts PRO automatically loads when your device soft-resets and then always stays running in the background so it can manage Photo Caller ID, Ringtones, and Call Filtering.

Tip #3: See the Usage Tips to find out how to use the program to its full potential.

Tip #4: See the latest revision of the Visual Users Guide for detailed information about using the program.

Thank You!