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Usage Tips
Photo Contacts PRO (Pocket PC Edition)

Last updated 12/21/2009

Tip #1 Quickly open Photo Contacts PRO from your Today Screen

Photo Contacts PRO places a Profile Picker button on the bottom middle section of the Today Screen (whether you use the Windows Mobile today screen, TouchFLO, Samsung Widget or any other today plugin).

Tap-and-hold on the Profile Picker button to quickly open Photo Contacts PRO.

Tap quickly on the Profile Picker button to select a profile, select a temporary profile or activate an automatic profile.

Tip #2

Quickly find contacts and dial with your finger

Using your finger, tap the large 123 button to open the intelligent search keypad, then type a few letters of the contact's name, company or job title.

Once the program shows the desired contact, tap twice on the contact picture to dial.

Photo Contacts PRO is fastest at quickly finding and dialing contacts on Windows Mobile phones.

Tip #3

Quickly jump to contacts beginning with a certain letter

Tap on the ABC button to open the vertical letter-bar. Slide your finger up-down until you select the desired letter. Photo Contacts PRO will scroll to the first contact starting with that letter.

Tip #4

Use short, high-quality sounds for distinctive SMS tones

It is best to use short (up to 5 seconds long) sounds as distinctive SMS tones.
Photo Contacts PRO comes bundled with 2 high-quality WMA sounds you can use. They can be found in the \Windows\!px_ringtones folder on the phone.
Get more high quality ringtones and SMS sounds in our online store.

Tip #5

Store your ringtones in internal storage on the phone

Storing ringtones in internal storage (built-in-storage) ensures best and most reliable performance and does not waste any memory used for running programs. It is also more reliable than using memory cards.

Photo Contacts PRO comes bundled with one high-quality ringtone you can use - it can be found in the \Windows\!px_ringtones folder on the device.

Get more high quality ringtones in our online store.

Tip #6

With Automatic Profiles and Call Blocking,  Photo Contacts PRO adds real intelligence to your phone.


Case #1: You wish not to be disturbed at night except by calls from your core family

Assign your family members to the Family category by editing contacts in Photo Contacts PRO. Then set the "Family Only" profile to reject all calls (DEFAULT  =  Reject) except from the Family category (Family = Bypass). Now use the Auto Profile Manager to schedule times when you wish this category to be active (eg. 11PM - 7AM).

Case #2: You wish your phone to automatically switch to Vibrate when it detects a meeting in your calendar

Go to your Home screen, select the Profile section and select the Automatic Profile called "Auto-Meeting". Now when a call comes in during a meeting your phone will vibrate.

Case #3: You are tired of being disturbed by your phone during a meeting but you wish to allow calls from your boss.

Configure a new profile called "Boss Only" to reject all calls except from your boss (Default=Reject,  Boss=Bypass). Use the Auto Profile Manager to add a meeting trigger. Assign the "Boss Only" profile to the first Meeting trigger. Activate the Automatic Profile. Now whenever a meeting is detected the phone will automatically reject all calls except from your boss.

Case #4:You wish to conserve battery power on your phone automatically especially since when at work, you don't use your Bluetooth headset

Set up a new profile called "Work" with your desired ring volume, SMS volume and ring/SMS type preferences. Set the Bluetooth option to Off in this profile. Now in the Auto Profile Manager, set the Work profile as default during work hours.


Case #5: You want to completely block calls from an undesired individual

Select a contact and tap Call Filter>Hangup. Now all calls from this individual will be automatically rejected. If you wish to send these calls to voicemail, select Call Filter>Reject.


With Automatic Profiles it is possible to configure Photo Contacts PRO to help in all of these simple situations. More complex scenarios including using the SMS answering machine, configuring different types of meetings and scheduled changes are all possible.


It's easy to use Photo Contacts PRO's profiles to suit your life needs.

Tip #7

Change the look and feel of Photo Contacts PRO

Photo Contacts PRO comes bundled with over 15 different color themes/skins that change the look and feel of the program. To change to a different theme, go to Options in Photo Contacts PRO and select a new theme from the "Theme" pull-down menu. Press the [...] button to preview skins.

Tip #8

Photo Contacts PRO makes it easy to group your contacts with categories


Contact categories are a powerful and easy way to group your contacts and contact pictures. To assign one of the most commonly used categories (eg. Family, Friends, Business, VIP), select a contact, tap “Contact>Favorite>“  and pick one of the categories.


To restrict visible contacts by category, simply tap on the Filter Bar above the bottom menu in Photo Contacts PRO and select a category. This is very useful for showing pictures of your family, friends or grouping business contacts. 

You can also use the phone's joystick to quickly toggle through categories.  Press the joystick left-right buttons when you are in Page mode (no selection outline around a contact - press the up/down on-screen buttons to enter page mode).


To easily assign contact categories to many contacts at once, use Outlook on your desktop computer. To assign other categories use Outlook or Edit contacts in Photo Contacts PRO.

Tip #9

Use Photo Contacts PRO to Speed Dial right from your Today screen!

Photo Contacts PRO is designed to make dialing a pleasure.


The Photo Contacts PRO Today Plugin lets you add your favorite contact pictures to your Today Screen for fast dialing. To enable the Today plugin go to Tools>Options>Today in Photo Contacts PRO.


To assign a contact as a favorite tap on the contact picture in Photo Contacts PRO and select Favorite>Add.

Now all it takes is two finger taps on the contact photo and one tap on the number you wish to call (work, home or cell) to dial a contact.

Tip #10

Easily search for a contact using Photo Contacts PRO

Photo Contacts PRO lets you easily search for a contact by filtering contacts based on their First name, Last name, Company name, Title or Telephone number. During this process, Photo Contacts shows you the matching contact photos in real time.

To search using text simply start typing on the phone's hardware or the soft on-screen keyboard.

Tip #11

Enable continuous ring tones

To enable continuous ring tones on your device, check the "Continuous Ring" box in Options>Caller ID in Photo Contacts PRO. Now your phone will ring continuously (without pause) during an incoming call.

Tip #12

Add your own pre-defined SMS responses (Quick SMS)

Just open and edit the "SMSPresets.txt" file located inside the Photo Contacts PRO installation folder on the device (\Program Files\Photo Contacts PRO).

Add one line per custom message.

Tip #13

Creating your own custom color themes for Photo Contacts PRO

Advanced users of Photo Contacts can easily create new themes to customize colors, background images and other parts of the program.

Browse to the \Program Files\Photo Contacts PRO\Themes folder on your device (using the File Manager with Activesync) and you will see that every theme has a folder associated with it.

This folder contains a background used in the program, a no-photo image used for contacts without photos and a "theme.txt" file used for customizing colors in the program.

To start, copy one of the existing theme folders into a new folder inside \Themes, and then modify the files you wish to change. Photo Contacts will automatically pick up the new theme in the Options menu so you can switch to it and try it out.


Contact us to request the Photo Contacts PRO theme creation instructions.

If you'd like to share your theme with other Photo Contacts users, please email us and we'll be glad to post it!





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The Visual Users' Guide contains detailed, printable information on all aspects of using Photo Contacts PRO.

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