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SmartName TM
Easily assign many large, clear photos to contacts

SmartName Quick Start Guide

What is it?
In addition to using Outlook pictures or manually assigning phone camera photos to contacts on your phone, Photo Contacts and Photo Contacts PRO feature the PocketX exclusive SmartNameTM method for automatically associating pictures with contacts.

Why use it?
With SmartName you can easily assign many large, clear photos to contacts using your desktop computer, and you need to do this only once! If you ever hard-reset your phone, upgrade, get a new phone or your device looses its data, all you do is copy your contact photos from your desktop to the mobile device (or insert the memory card) and you're done! Photo Contacts PRO automatically re-assigns the pictures when it loads.
SmartName eliminates the need to manually assign photos on the phone enabling you to keep a backup copy of contact pictures for future use. It also enables you to use clear, high-resolution pictures.

SmartName Instructions

  1. Crop and save your contact pictures in JPG format and into one folder on your desktop computer.  Limit the size of the photos to a square, approximately 200x200 pixels, for best performance.

  2. Name the picture files in the same way your contacts are named in Outlook and in the following manner:

    <First Name>[SPACE]<Last Name>.jpg   or

    <Company Name>.jpg


    • If the person's name is "John Doe", then call the image file "John Doe"
    • If the person's first or last name is "Dad", then name the image file "Dad"
    • If only a company name is defined use the company name, eg. "Microsoft"

    IMPORTANT: Every image file should have a .jpg extension. Please make sure you're not adding a double ".jpg" extension to your files in Windows. Open My Computer and click on Tools>Folder Options>View. Make sure that the "Hide extensions for known file types" is NOT checked so that you can see file extensions.

    Continue this procedure for all the contact photos you wish to add.

  3. Connect your mobile device to the computer and click on Explore in Activesync to browse folders on the phone
  4. Copy all of your contact photos from the above photo folder on the computer to one of the following folders on the phone:

    \My Documents\Photo Contacts\

    This is the DEFAULT contact photo directory if you wish to store your photos in the phone's internal memory (Photo Contacts will by default look for your photos here).


    \Storage Card\My Documents\Photo Contacts\

    This is the contact photo directory used if you wish to store your photos on a memory card.
    If you chose to keep your contact photos here, go to Menu/Options in Photo Contacts and select this new
    Photo Location by tapping on the <> arrows.

  5. Open Photo Contacts PRO, go up/down and the new photos will be picked up automatically.




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SmartName Instructions

The Visual Users' Guide contains detailed, printable information on all aspects of using Photo Contacts PRO.

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