Photo Contacts PRO - Best Practices

Here are a few general best practices for using Photo Contacts PRO:

1. Keep ring-ones and pictures in built in storage or internal storage memory (not on a memory card). Memory cards have wake up problems when the device is in standby mode.

2. Make sure the program is not being terminated if you use SPB Plus, Wisbar or some other task manager. Configure SPB plus to minimize and not close Photo Contacts PRO when the (X) button is pressed.

3. If your phone has a Task Manager feature installed, set it to minimize and not close programs when you tap on the X button in Start>Settings>Task Manager.

4. Just like other applications Photo Contacts PRO requires memory to run. Check that your device is not running extremely low on Program Memory (tap START>Settings>Memory to check). If you have less than 8MB of free Program Memory (storage memory does not apply), soft-reset the phone.

Tip #1 : Soft-reset your phone once in a while to keep it running in top shape (once per week is recommended)

Tip #2 : Photo Contacts PRO automatically loads when your device soft-resets and then always stays running in the background so it can manage Photo Caller ID, Ringtones, Profiles, Automatic Profiles and Call Filtering. You will see the Photo Contacts PRO’s “Profile Picker” icon in the middle bottom of the Today Screen when it’s running. If you tap on this icon, you will be able to change the current Profile or open Photo Contacts PRO. If you don’t see the icon the program has either been closed via Tools>Exit or terminated by some other process or an extremely low memory situation.

Tip #3: See the Usage Tips to find out how to use the program to its full potential.

Tip #4: See the latest revision of the Visual Users Guide for detailed information about using the program.

Thank You!