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Blackberry Touch Edition

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Usage Tips
Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry Touch Edition)

Last updated 5/22/2010

Tip #1

Quickly find contacts and dial with your finger

Using your finger, tap the large 123/Magnifying Glass button to open the intelligent search keypad, then type a few letters of the contact's name, telephone number or company.

Once the program shows the desired contact, tap twice on the contact picture to dial.

Photo Contacts PRO is fastest at quickly finding and dialing contacts on Blackberry phones.

Tip #2

Quickly jump to contacts beginning with a certain letter

Tap on the ABC button to open the vertical letter-bar. Slide your finger up-down until you select the desired letter. Photo Contacts PRO will scroll to the first contact starting with that letter.

Tip #3

Change the look and feel of Photo Contacts PRO

Photo Contacts PRO comes bundled with different color themes/skins that change the look and feel of the program. To change to a different theme, go to Options in Photo Contacts PRO and select a new theme from the "Theme" pull-down menu.

Tip #4

Photo Contacts PRO makes it easy to group your contacts with categories


Contact categories are a powerful and easy way to group your contacts and contact pictures.


To restrict visible contacts by category, simply tap on the Filter Bar in the bottom menu in Photo Contacts PRO and select a category. This is very useful for showing pictures of your family, friends or grouping business contacts. 


To easily assign contact categories to many contacts at once, use Outlook on your desktop computer. To assign other categories use Outlook or Edit contacts in Photo Contacts PRO.

Tip #5

Add your own pre-defined SMS responses (Quick SMS)

Go to Options in Photo Contacts PRO and edit the pre-defined SMS messages.





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