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Blackberry Edition

Transform your phone into an invaluable mobile companion.



Download Demo/Trial Version

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Demo Notice: The demo/trial version is fully functional for 5 days and is based on the latest full version 1.10. Version History


Installation Instructions
Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry Edition)

These instructions apply both to the Demo and the Full version of Photo Contacts PRO.

  1. Un-install the demo version (if it is installed) by going to Options>Applications, select Photo Contacts PRO and remove it. The phone will re-start.

  2. Connect your phone to your computer, open the Desktop mananger and establish a connection.

  3. Install the program - Click on the Application Loader icon in Desktop Manager, then click on the Start button in the “Add/Remove Applications” section. Click the Browse button and locate the folder where you un-zipped the installation files. Select the PhotoContactsPRO.alx file and click Open. Click Next, then Finish to install the program onto your phone.

  4. Your phone will reboot after installation, prompting you to give Photo Contacts PRO trusted application status.

Please make a backup of the installation package ZIP file in case you need to re-install the software in the future.

Trouble Installing? Please see Frequently Asked Questions


Congratulations! You can now open Photo Contacts PRO from the Home>Downloads menu on your Blackberry. You can also easily switch Call Filter profiles by clicking on the Photo Contacts PRO’s Profile Picker icon.


Tip: Move the Photo Contacts PRO and Profile Picker icons into your Home menu by selecting them and clicking “Menu>Move To Folder”. Then move them up to the top by selecting them and clicking "Menu>Move".


Un-Installation Instructions
Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry Edition)

  1. On the Blackberry, go to Menu>Options>Applications, select Photo Contacts PRO from the list and remove it.

  2. Your phone will re-boot after the program is removed.





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