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Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry Edition) - Features


Blackberry Edition
For Blackberry phone devices without touch-screens

Photo Contacts PRO personalizes and empowers your mobile experience.

With Advanced Contact Management fully integrated with Call Blocking, Photo Contacts PRO adds real intelligence to your phone. Based on the multiple award winning Photo Contacts.

Photo Contacts PRO v1.2 has been released!
Adding support for all Blackberry Curve and Bold devices.

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Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry) - Black Theme

Photo Contacts PRO - Black theme showing the contact List View with pictures 

Photo Contacts PRO lets you speed dial and send quick SMS messages by simply selecting a photograph - especially useful when you need to concentrate on other things!

Block unwanted callers with the advanced Call Filtering and Blocking capabilities. You can choose to send unwanted callers to voicemail or automatically hang-up without sending them to voicemail.

Easily add photographs to your contacts then browse, create and edit your contacts with photographs utilizing the five intelligent contact browsing views. With Photo Contacts PRO, assigning photos to contacts is easy with the intelligent photo crop engine.

Transform your Blackberry into an invaluable mobile companion.

Photo Contacts PRO Feature Overview

Browse contacts with pictures and style - 4 fully featured and intelligently designed contact views make browsing contacts a pleasure (see screenshot)

Quickly find and dial your contacts  (see screenshot)
  • Intelligent Search allows you to quickly find contacts with only a few key presses

  • Category Filter enables you to utilize contact categories to intelligently group and view your contacts

Complete Privacy - Automatically Block (Reject or Hang Up) unwanted callers including Unknown and Private numbers with the new Advanced Call Filter with Profiles.

Fully integrated per contact and per category Call Filtering allows users to specify the following settings to incoming calls:

  • Reject: The call is automatically rejected and the caller is sent to Voicemail

  • Hang Up: The call is automatically hanged up (caller just hears a ‘click’ as if the line did not exist)

  • Bypass: The call is allowed to bypass the call filter in case of a global setting

Advanced Phone Profiles with Profile Picker

Fully customizable Phone Profiles let the user group Call Filtering settings and choose them from Blackberry's main menu.

The program is bundled with useful pre-defined phone profiles such as:
  • Family Only (allow only family members to call)
  • VIP Only (allow only important calls, send all others to voicemail)
  • Reject Unknown (rejects private and unknown numbers)
  • HangUp Unknown (hangs up private and unknown calls)
  • Reject All Calls (reject all callers)
  • HangUp All Calls (hang-up all callers)
  • Normal (allow all incoming calls - default)
  • + fully customizable profiles

Need to place a call or send an SMS message in a hurry? Photo Contacts PRO is perfect for speed dialing!  (see screenshot)

Quick SMS Messaging. Quickly send custom or pre-defined SMS messages (see screenshot).

Assign photos to contacts easily by choosing photos taken by the phone's camera, loading pictures from Outlook or by transferring photos from your computer

Our Photo Browser lets you easily assign photos to contacts on the device (great for phones with integrated cameras)

Crop and adjust contact photos directly on the Blackberry with the awesome photo Adjust Engine (see screenshot)

Group contacts easily with the category filter, intelligent text search and a smart contact detail view.

For example, assign the "family" category to your contacts and easily combine and view family photos in Photo Contacts PRO

Find contacts fast using the intelligent contact search
Filter by contact name, company, title - or home, work or mobile telephone numbers when you search for contacts (see screenshot)

Full integration with the Blackberry contact database Enables you to view, create, edit and delete contact information

Capability to sort contacts by First Name, Last Name and Company Name
Multiple color and background skins bundled with the program let you personalize the look and feel of Photo Contacts PRO (see screenshot)

Compatible with Blackberry devices running O/S version 4.6, 4.7, 5.0 and above.

Please Note: This version of Photo Contacts PRO is for Blackberry devices without touch-screens. If your phone has a touch-screen, you will need the Blackberry Touch Edition of Photo Contacts PRO


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Latest Release

Version 1.2

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Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone

Compatible with:

Blackberry O/S v4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 5.0 and above

Screen resolution support:
HVGA (480x320, 480x360)

QVGA (320x240, 240x320)


1.5MB of Storage Memory

Supporting latest Blackberry devices including:

  • All Blackberry Bold

  • All Blackberry Curve

  • All Blackberry Tour

  • All Blackberry Pearl Flip

  • + others



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Photo Contacts PRO Features in Detail

Find contacts quickly
Intelligent Search

Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry)

Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry)
Intelligent Search allows you to quickly find contacts with only a few clicks.

You can easily search for a contact by entering known characters of the contact's name, company, title or any telephone number.

Photo Contacts PRO lets you sort your contacts by First Name, Last Name or Company Name.

Advanced Call Filtering/Blocking
A fully integrated per contact and per category Call Filter allows you to automatically Reject or Hangup unwanted callers and unknown/private numbers.

 Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry) - Profile Picker

Easily select Call Filter profiles with the Profile Picker.

The profile picker enables you to quickly switch call filtering profiles from the Blackberry's main menu.

A specific icon is shown for each profile. Profile icons are customizable in Photo Contacts PRO.

Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry Edition) - Call Filter Manager

The following settings can be applied to individual callers, groups of callers (categories) or unknown or private numbers: 

  • Reject - the call is automatically rejected and sent to voicemail (if available)

  • Hang Up - The call is automatically hanged up (caller just hears a ‘click’ as if the line did not exist)

  • Pass - the call is allowed to bypass the call filter in case of a default global setting

Easily customize Call Filtering with the profile manager.

Easily assign global call filter settings, filter unknown, private callers or filter contact groups (categories).


Browse contacts in style
Photo Contacts PRO features six intelligently designed contact browsing views.  These views let you view, call, edit, create and search for your contacts easily.

Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry) - Tile View 2x5 Tile View - to speed dial on your Blackberry, simply double-tap on a contact photograph!
Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry) - Icon View

3x5 Icon View is perfect for viewing lots of contacts at once

Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry) - List View

1x3 List View shows contacts with pictures, phone numbers and company information

Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry) - Detail View Detail View intelligently combines contact information for easy viewing.

Six pages of contact information include buttons for easy dialing, email sending and webpage browsing.

The Detail View pages group telephone numbers, business information, home information mailing addresses, webpage/email addresses and contact notes.

Crop and Adjust photos on the phone

Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry) - Cropping a picture

Photo Contacts PRO includes a Photo Browser that lets you easily assign photos to contacts on the Blackberry.

Assign photos taken by the camera or pictures on your memory card.

The photo Adjust Engine lets you rotate and crop contact photos to your liking.

Speed Dial and Quick SMS
Need to place a call in a hurry? Photo Contacts PRO is perfect for speed dialing! Simply select a contact picture to call and press the Talk button. Enhanced Speed Dial window allows you to quickly send or respond with custom or pre-defined SMS messages.
Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry) - Dialing and Pre-defined SMS

Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry) - Dialing and Pre-defined SMS
Easily select one of the 3 most commonly phone numbers to call.

To send a quick SMS message select one of the pre-defined quick messages from the pull down list and press Send SMS.

You can easily customize pre-defined SMS messages inside Photo Contacts PRO.

send your own custom text messages.
Search, filter and categorize by photo
Easily select groups of contacts with Photo Contacts PRO's category filter.
Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry) - Category Filter

The Category filter shows available contact categories and lets you easily restrict visible contacts.

Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry) - Family Category


Once you have selected a category, click on a picture to call or SMS a contact.

Click the Back button to clear the filter and go to All Contacts. 



Personalize your Photo Contacts PRO

Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry) - Blue Theme

Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry) - Pink Theme 

Photo Contacts PRO (Blackberry) - Black Theme

Photo Contacts PRO ships with distinctive color themes (skins). The themes change the way Photo Contacts PRO looks with different colors, backgrounds, buttons and images used in place of photos.


Included themes:

Business Blue

Business Pink

Business Black


Find your favorite skin for Photo Contacts PRO!

More themes will be coming soon!

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