Photo Contacts Pocket PC Edition
Release Notes  (Version History)

Version Number: 3.02 - Major Release
(Changes from Version 1.1)

Release Date: 05-10-2006

* A new Visual Users' Guide (PDF) is now packaged with the installation. Also, full Quick Help is now available in the program.

New Features

  • Windows Mobile 5 Compatibility

  • Support for Treo 700w

  • Support for square screen devices with 240x240 resolution, such as HP 6500 series

  • Support for landscape mode operation on 240x320 devices

  • VGA Screen support

  • New Business Photo Caller ID mode shows a large picture of the caller together with the caller's Company, Title and phone number shown in large font

  • Extra Large text size shows easily readable caller id information if picture is not assigned to a contact

  • Photo Caller ID preview

  • Left-Right joystick buttons cycle through contact categories in page mode

  • Support for contact search and filtering via hardware keyboard. Start typing and Photo Contacts filters contacts.

  • Buttons for easy clearing of Category or Text search filters

  • Company name is shown if First/Last names are not defined for a contact

  • New Today Screen tray icon makes calling up Photo Contacts easy

  • New Windows Mobile 5 theme as well as the awesome Dark Side theme (black) and the new Green Shadow theme!

  • Added support for variable caller id bubbles for some devices (for Standard Picture Photo Caller ID)

  • Option to enable continuous rings


  • Photo Contacts will now always run as a hidden process

  • Decreased overall on-device application size to <1MB

  • If only one phone number is defined for a contact, double tap on the picture will immediately place the call

  • Photo Location folder is now automatically created when a memory card or built-in-storage is selected

  • Improved support for auto-start on new Pocket PC Phone devices

  • New engine for caller id number matching for international users (now supports short and long matching)

  • New Call Dialog with added ability to apply skins

  • New Answer/Ignore buttons that can be skinned

  • Optimized general program memory usage

  • Added in-program Quick Help

  • & character in contact names is now displayed properly

  • Added option to bypass Call Dialog if only one number present

  • Added option to assign the joystick middle Action button on the device to Dial

  • Enhancements for joystick navigation

  • Enhanced contact search/filter capabilities via soft keyboard (SIP)

  • Many other minor enhancements

  • Ability to preview Photo Caller ID modes

  • Performance improvements

  • New themes (skins)

  • Various other enhancements

  • Extensive Quick Help is now available in the program

  • Major update to Visual Users Guide (PDF) bundled with the installation package

Version Number: 1.1 - Minor Release
(Changes from Version 1.0)

Release Date: 04-08-2005

New Features

  • NEW Photo Browser lets you easily assign photos to contacts on the Pocket PC (great for Pocket PCs with an integrated camera). SmartName is still the preferred option for assigning many contact photos at once

  • Awesome photo Adjust Engine lets you crop and adjust contact photos on the Pocket PC

  • SMS, MMS and Email support facilitates easy message sending by tapping on the photo in Photo Contacts

  • Contact photographs can now be sent via MMS, Email and Infrared (via PhotoBeam)


  • Automatic auto-run at startup loads Photo Contacts in the background

  • Expanded number of phone search fields for Photo Caller ID
  • Improved Photo Caller ID support for new devices
  • Enhanced program stability
  • Many other minor enhancements including a new program icon