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Windows Mobile PocketPC Edition
For Windows Mobile phone devices with touch-screens

Personalize your mobile experience!



For detailed, printable help see the Photo Contacts Visual Users Guide


Download Demo/Trial Version
Photo Contacts (Pocket PC Edition)

PLEASE NOTE: If your phone does not have a touch-screen you will need the Smartphone Edition of Photo Contacts PRO

Please enter your email address and device information to proceed to the download page:

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Demo Notice: The demo/trial version is fully functional for 5 days and is based on the latest full version 4.10. Version History


Installation Instructions
Photo Contacts (Pocket PC Edition)

These instructions apply both to the Demo and the Full version of Photo Contacts.


Photo Contacts contains a full desktop installer. The program is installed by running the installation executable on your desktop computer with the phone connected.


For Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT users:

  1. Un-install the demo version (if it is installed) by going to Start>Settings>Remove Programs.

  2. Soft reset the phone (optional, for best performance).

  3. Connect your phone to your computer and establish an Activesync or Windows Mobile Device Center connection.

  4. Run the installer - open the installation package .zip file you downloaded when you purchased the software. The package contains the Photo Contacts desktop installer .exe file (photocontacts_ppc_...) as well as program documentation. Double click on this file to start the installation process.

  5. Check your mobile device to continue the installation. If prompted to choose the installation location on the phone, select device (internal memory). This is required for best performance.

Photo Contacts will start automatically after installation by importing your Outlook pictures and prompting you to select a skin.

Please make a backup of the installation package ZIP file in case you need to re-install the software in the future.

Trouble Installing? Please see Frequently Asked Questions


Congratulations! You can now open Photo Contacts by pressing the Contacts button on the Today Screen or by accessing the Start>Programs menu on the phone.


Instructions for Apple MAC users


Un-Installation Instructions
Photo Contacts (Pocket PC Edition)

  1. Tap Start>Settings>Remove Programs and un-install the program.

  2. Soft-reset the device.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last updated 11/27/2009

Question Is Photo Contacts compatible with Windows Mobile 6.5/6.1/6 and Windows Phone devices?
Answer Photo Contacts is compatible with Windows Mobile/Windows Phone devices.
Question There is already a shortcut called "Photo Contacts" on my phone but the application is not Photo Contacts. What is this?
Answer No, this is not the real Photo Contacts. This is the old IA Caller ID with the shortcut that is named incorrectly.

"Photo Contacts" is a trademark of PocketX Software Inc.

Question How do I add contact photographs to my device?
Answer There are two ways to add contact photographs to use with Photo Contacts.
  1. If the Pocket PC has an integrated camera then simply select a contact, tap Photo>Assign and browse to the folder where the camera stores photos on your device. This is most likely the \My Documents folder.
    You can also copy photographs onto your Pocket PC (or onto a memory card) via Activesync and then assign them in Photo Contacts by selecting a contact and selecting Photo>Assign.
  2. If you wish to assign many photos to contacts at once on your PC, we recommend using our SmartName method outlined below and in the Help Guide. This is as easy as naming your photos properly and transferring them onto the device.
Question Should I install Photo Contacts onto a memory card or in main memory?
Answer We recommend that the program be installed in main memory of the device for faster loading and consistent availability. Memory cards have very slow wake-up times on Pocket PC devices.
Question Where should I store my contact photos?
Answer Contact photos can be stored in main memory on the device itself (default), built-in-storage, or a memory card. Storing photos on a memory card is usually the most flexible option. It will save some space on the device as well as make sure you don't lose your photos in case of the device loosing its data. You can also re-use the photos on the memory card if you have more than one device running Photo Contacts (for example a Smartphone or a second Pocket PC).

  If you wish to store photos on a memory card then first create a folder on the memory card, called:

\My Documents\Photo Contacts\

Then go to Tools>Options in Photo Contacts and select the memory card as the "Photo Location".

You can also type in a custom location in the Photo Location field.

Question What is the recommended image size for contact photographs?
Answer 150x150 pixels is the optimum size for a contact photo. By default Photo Contacts saves photos with this resolution (this can be changed in the Options screen)
150x150 provides enough detail with Full Screen Photo Caller ID, saves space on the device and will ensure optimum speed. 200x200 of course looks even better but might be slower on older devices.
Question Why is Photo Caller ID not working on my device?
  • Make sure that you're not shutting down Photo Contacts using some task manager application on your Pocket PC. Photo Contacts needs to always run in the background to manage Photo Caller ID. If you use SPB Pocket Plus, configure it to minimize and not close Photo Contacts.

  • Photo Contacts will automatically start every time you soft-reset your Pocket PC Phone. If this is not the case, go to Tools>Options, un-check "Load Program on Startup" and tap SAVE. Then go back to Tools>Options, check "Load Program on Startup" and tap SAVE. Now soft-reset your device and Photo Contacts will start automatically.
Question I am using SmartName to assign photos to contacts. I have named by images properly and transferred them to my Pocket PC but they are not showing up.
Answer Please make sure you're not adding a double ".jpg" extension to your images in Windows on your PC. Open 'My Computer' and click on Tools/Folder Options/View. Make sure that the "Hide extensions for known file types" is NOT checked.
Question Does Photo Contacts work with non-English language devices?
Answer Photo Contacts is compatible with English, German, French, Italian and Spanish language Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone devices. As of version 1.0h, Photo Contacts is compatible with all languages.
Question I have loaded the demo version of Photo Contacts on my Pocket PC phone. However, the pictures that I assigned to the contacts do not come up. Any suggestions?
Answer The DEMO version of Photo Contacts is is limited to displaying only the first 8 contact photos. All other contacts with photos will display a demo image. Therefore, you should assign a photo to one of the first 8 contacts in the list, depending on the sort-order of the contacts in Photo Contacts.

Do a small test:
  1. Create a contact on your Pocket PC with the first name "A" and last name "A". Give it your home telephone number in the Home Telephone Number field.
  2. Crop a contact photo using a simple image editor (Irfanview works really well) and name the image "A A.jpg"
  3. Connect your Pocket PC to your computer and establish an Activesync Connection
  4. Click on "Explore" in Activesync and browse to "\My Documents\Photo Contacts" on the Pocket PC.
  5. Copy the "A A.jpg" image from the PC onto the Pocket PC.

    Now open Photo Contacts and you should see A A as the first contact in the list with the photo. Call your Pocket PC Phone from your home phone and you will see the photo when the phone rings (Photo Caller ID).
Question Will Photo Caller ID work on my Audiovox Thera 2032 or the Toshiba 2032?
Answer Photo Contacts will work on these devices but Photo Caller ID and photo-tap-dialing is not supported. These two phones are Pocket PCs with a proprietary phone implementation - they are not Pocket PC Phone devices.
Other Questions?

Please go to the Support page and submit a request  - we will be glad to help.


SmartName Instructions
Assigning many photos to contacts at once on your PC

SmartName Overview

In addition to manually assigning photos to contacts on the Pocket PC, Photo Contacts and Photo Contacts PRO feature the PocketX Software Inc. exclusive SmartNameTM method for automatically assigning photos to contacts.

With SmartName you can easily assign many photos to contacts on your regular computer, and you need to do this only once! If you ever hard-reset your Pocket PC or your device looses its data and you need to re-install Photo Contacts, you can simply copy your contact photos to the Pocket PC (or insert the memory card) and you're done! This eliminates the need to manually re-assign contacts to photos again.

SmartName Instructions

  1. Save all your contact photos in JPG format and into one folder on your PC.  Limit the size of the photos to less than 200x200 pixels (150x150 is recommended) for best performance.

  2. Now SmartName :: Name the image files in the same way your contacts are named in Outlook and in the following manner:

    <First Name>[SPACE]<Last Name>.jpg

    Example: If the person's name is "John Doe", then call the image file "John Doe.jpg"

    Example #2: If the person's name is "Dad", then name the image file "Dad.jpg"

    IMPORTANT: Please make sure you're not adding a double ".jpg" extension to your files in Windows. Open My Computer and click on Tools/Folder Options/View. Make sure that the "Hide extensions for known file types" is NOT checked.

    Continue this procedure for all the contact photos you wish to add.

  3. Now connect your Pocket PC to the PC and click on Explore in Activesync to browse folders on your Pocket PC
  4. Copy all of your contact photos from the above photo folder on the PC to one of the following folders on the Pocket PC:

    \My Documents\Photo Contacts\

    This is the default contact photo directory if you wish to store your photos in the Pocket PC's internal memory (Photo Contacts will by default look for your photos here).


    \Storage Card\My Documents\Photo Contacts\

    This is the default contact photo directory if you wish to store your photos on a memory card.
    If you chose to keep your contact photos here, go to Menu/Options in Photo Contacts and select this new
    Photo Location by tapping on the <> arrows.





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SmartName Instructions


Frequently Asked Questions

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