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Photo Contacts (Pocket PC Edition) Features

Windows Mobile Pocket PC Edition
Add pictures to contacts, enable Business and Full Screen Photo Caller ID and personalize your mobile experience!

Photo Contacts is the premier contact and Photo Caller ID manager for your Pocket PC! It will personalize your mobile experience!

Intelligently add photographs to your contacts then browse, create and edit your contacts with photographs utilizing the four intelligent contact browsing views. Photo Contacts also lets you send email, SMS messages and share photos with other users.

Photo Contacts lets you speed dial by simply tapping on a photograph - especially useful when you need to concentrate on other things!
During an incoming call, you will easily see who is calling you on the Pocket PC's screen before you choose to answer. Photo Contacts features Full Screen Photo Caller ID (see video) and uses large text for caller id information.

With Photo Contacts, assigning photos to contacts is easy! Assign photos on your Pocket PC using the intelligent photo crop engine, or with your desktop PC using our SmartNameTM technology.

Photo Contacts Feature Overview

Easily add photos to your contacts on the Pocket PC

Photo Browser lets you assign photos to contacts on the Pocket PC (great for Pocket PCs with an integrated camera). Easily assign many photos to contacts fast on your PC with our SmartName technology.

See clearly who is calling you. Our Photo Caller ID uses full screen photographs and large text for caller id information:

  • Business Photo Caller ID shows a picture of the caller together with the name, company and number of the person calling in large text. (see screenshot)

  • Full Screen Photo Caller ID shows a large, easy to see photograph of the incoming caller (see screenshot)

  • Standard Picture Photo Caller ID shows a photo of the person calling in the regular caller id bubble

  • Extra Large text shows easily readable caller id information even if a photo is not assigned to a contact

Dial contacts quickly by tapping the screen with your finger

Need to place a call in a hurry? Photo Contacts is perfect for speed dialing using your finger! Simply tap twice on a contact photograph to easily place a call - no need to use a stylus.

Send email, SMS messages and contact photographs via email

Crop and adjust contact photos directly on the Pocket PC with the awesome photo Adjust Engine (see screenshot)

Never loose your contact to photo associations and assign many photos to contacts at once with SmartNameTM

With our SmartName technology, you can easily assign many photos to contacts at once on your PC. The associations are easily backed up so you never have to repeat this task if you hard-reset your device or get a new one.

Browse contacts with pictures and style - 4 fully featured and intelligently designed contact views make browsing contacts a pleasure (see screenshot)

Group contacts easily with the category filter, intelligent text search and a smart contact detail view.

For example, assign the "family" category to your contacts and see only your family photos in Photo Contacts

Find contacts fast using the intelligent contact search that lets you filter by contact name, company, title - or home, work or mobile telephone numbers when you search for contacts (see screenshot)

Intelligently create tasks and appointments with just one tap

The selected contact's name is automatically entered in the subject line of the new task or appointment while the contact's phone number, email address and work/home addresses are inserted into the task's or appointment's note field

Full integration with the Pocket PC contact database lets you view, create, edit, delete and duplicate contact information

PhotoBeam technology lets you easily share contact photographs via infrared

Send photos to other Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone devices running Photo Contacts via IR

International Photo Caller ID support with intelligent Caller ID matching
Capability to sort contacts by First Name, Last Name, Company Name or the Outlook "File As" field
Multiple color and background skins bundled with the program let you personalize the look and feel of Photo Contacts (see screenshot)

Compatible with Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone devices running Windows Mobile 6.5/6.1/6, Windows Mobile 5 and Pocket PC 2002/2003/SE devices with regular, VGA and square screens (240x240) and landscape mode operation.

Photo Contacts Features in Detail

Advanced Photo Caller ID technology
Full Screen Photo Caller ID - Photo Contacts Screenshot

Photo Contacts features three Photo Caller ID modes.

Full Screen Photo Caller ID

All it takes is a glance to your Pocket PC Phone and you will know who is calling.

In Full Screen Photo Caller ID mode you can use your finger to tap on the screen to answer or ignore an incoming call.


Business Photo Caller ID - Photo Contacts Screenshot

Business Photo Caller ID

During an incoming call, picture, name, company name and title of the caller are displayed in large text.

If a picture is not assigned to a contact you will see incoming call information shown with large text for easy readability.

(shown running on square screen device)

Standard Picture Photo Caller ID - Photo Contacts Screenshot Standard picture Photo Caller ID shows the picture of the caller in the incoming call bubble

Assigning photos to contacts

Cropping a Photo - Photo Contacts Screenshot

Photo Contacts includes a Photo Browser lets you easily assign photos to contacts on the Pocket PC (great for Pocket PCs with integrated cameras).

The photo Adjust Engine lets you crop contact photos to your liking.

Our SmartName method is the easiest way to assign many contact photos at once on your PC.


Browse contacts by photo and Tap to Dial

3x3 Tile View - Photo Contacts Screenshot Photo Contacts features four intelligently designed contact browsing views let you view, call, edit, create, email, search for and beam your contacts easily.

<< 3x3 Tile View is great for speed dialing

4x5 Icon View (below) is perfect for viewing lots of contacts at once

1x6 List View shows company information

Detail View (below) shows all contact information

5x4 Icon View - Photo Contacts Screenshot To speed dial on your Pocket PC Phone, simply double-tap on a contact photograph! Then tap one more time to initiate a call to the Work, Home or Mobile number of the contact. No need to use a stylus.

Tap to Dial
Detail View The detail view intelligently combines contact information for easy viewing.

Four pages of contact information include hot-spots for easy dialing, email sending and webpage browsing.

The detail view pages group telephone numbers, business information, home information and webpage and email addresses.
Search, filter and categorize your contacts with pictures

Photo Contacts lets you sort your contacts by First Name, Last Name, Company Name or the "File As" field in Outlook.

You can easily search for a contact by entering known characters of the contact's name, company, title, department or telephone numbers.

The Category filter lets you easily restrict the visible contacts by assigned Outlook category.

Once you have located the desired contact, you can easily call them, view their detailed contact information or enlarge their photograph for easy viewing.

PhotoBeam Photo Sharing

With Photo Contacts, you can beam contact information and contact photographs to other Pocket PC and Smartphone Photo Contacts users via infrared.

The PhotoBeam wizard makes sharing photos and contacts easy.


Personalize your Photo Contacts

Photo Contacts ships with nine distinctive color themes (skins). The themes change the way Photo Contacts looks with different colors, backgrounds, buttons and images used in place of photos.


Included themes:

Windows Mobile 5

Dark Side (black)




Green Shadow

Red Moon




It's easy to personalize your Photo Contacts!


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Features in Detail


Skins, Add-ons


Release Notes
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Latest Release

Version 4.10
For all touch-screen based devices

What's New

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Help and Guides

Quick Start Guide (NEW)

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SmartName TM


Full Screen Photo Caller ID (Video)



Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone

Compatible with:
Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional/Classic

Windows Mobile 6.1/6 Professional/Classic

Windows Mobile 5 (Pocket PC)
Pocket PC 2003
Pocket PC 2003 SE
Pocket PC Phone Edition

Screen resolution support:
QVGA (240x320)
Square (240x240)
Square QVGA (320x320)
WQVGA (240x400)
VGA (480x640)
WVGA (480x800)
Portrait and Landscape modes

NOTE: If your phone does not have a touch-screen you will need the Smartphone Edition of Photo Contacts PRO

5MB of Storage Memory

*Phone enabled device needed for Photo Caller ID, Photo Dialing, Ringtones and Call Filtering.



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Awards & Recognition

Photo Contacts PRO is nominated for a 2008 Best Software Award

Photo Contacts winner of 2006 Best Software Awards

Photo Contacts winner of Best Software Award for 2004

PocketX Software Windows Mobile Smartphone Developer of the Year 2004


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