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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Business PRO

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Question "Could not find ...CEAppMgr.exe..." message is shown when trying to install the program
Answer If you have a PC running Windows Vista please make sure that you have the latest version of Windows Mobile Device Center. Microsoft had issued an update (to version 6.1) to this component of Vista that is required in order to install the software.

If you have a PC running Windows XP or earlier, make sure you have ActiveSync installed.

Question When I try to run the application from my phone I get this message: " 'BusinessPro_PPC_....exe' Is not a valid Win32 application."
Answer Business PRO contains a desktop installer.  It is installed by running the installation process on your desktop PC (not on the phone) with the phone connected to Activesync or Windows Mobile Device Center.

Make sure you're running the installation on your desktop computer as per our installation instructions.

Question When I try to install the program, I get this message: "Installation of PocketX Business PRO.CAB was unsuccessful"
Answer Your phone might be running low on storage or program memory:
  • First, soft-reset your phone. This will ensure your phone has enough free program memory. Then try installing again.
  • If you're still unable to install, check free storage memory on your phone (Start>Settings>Memory). If free storage memory is low (under 5MB), go to Start>Settings>Remove Programs and un-install some unneeded programs; Alternatively, delete some large files from the device using File Explorer.
Question Should I install Business PRO onto a memory card or in main memory?
Answer We recommend that the program be installed in internal memory of the device for faster loading and better reliability. Memory cards have very slow wake-up times on Windows Mobile devices.


If you cannot get the program to install on the phone, please make sure to follow the installation instructions.

If the program is not behaving as you would expect, make sure to follow the  Best Practices which also apply to Business PRO. Also see the General section below.

Question Business PRO is closing or the tray icon is shifting to the left. What should I do?
Answer You might be running a task manager program and terminating Business PRO when you tap on the (X) button at the top right of the screen, or your device might be extremely low on memory.

Normal Windows Mobile operation is to minimize (hide) and not terminate programs when you tap on the (X) button.

  • Your phone might be configured with an HTC utility to terminate programs when the (X) is pressed. Go to Start>Settings>Task Manager (or similar) and un-check this option.

  • If you use a task manager program like SPB Plus or Wisbar, configure it to minimize and not close Business PRO.

  • If you are not using a task manager then it is possible that your phone is running extremely low on memory (this can happen if you use Pocket Internet Explorer a lot - it eats up memory fast). In this case just make sure to close running programs by going to Start>Settings>Memory and soft-reset the phone once in a while.

Business PRO will automatically start about 10 seconds after you soft-reset your phone. If this is not the case, go to Tools>Options in Business PRO, check the "Load Program on Startup" box, and tap SAVE. Now soft-reset your device and Business PRO will start automatically.



Question Is this the correct software for my phone? Do I need the Smartphone or the Pocket PC Edition of Business PRO?
Answer This is the Windows Mobile Touch of Business PRO for Windows Mobile phones with touch-screens.

If your phone does not have a touch-screen it is running the Windows Mobile Standard O/S so you will need Photo Contacts PRO (Smartphone Edition).

Question Is Business PRO compatible with my phone?
Answer This edition of Business PRO is compatible with Windows Mobile 6.5/6.1/6 Professional/Classic devices and Windows Mobile 5 devices including the HTC Diamond/Touch PRO/HD/Touch 1/2, Samsung Omnia 1/2, Epix, Sony Ericsson Xperia X1/X2, T-Mobile Wing, HTC Tytn/Tytn 2, HTC Touch/Dual, AT&T Tilt, AT&T/Cingular 8125/8525, Palm Treo 700w/700wx/750/800w/PRO, HP h6300/hw6500/6800/6900 series, Audiovox 6600/6700/6800 series, XDA series, Samsung i700/i730/i830/i760 and other devices running Windows Mobile 6.5/6.1/6/5.

We encourage you to try the free demo version of the software before purchasing.
If you own a Windows Mobile Standard phone without a touch-screen such as the Motorola Q/Q9, Samsung BlackJack, T-Mobile Dash/Shadow, MPx200, MPx220, Orange C500, Audiovox SMT5600 or the Samsung i600, you will need the Smartphone Edition of Photo Contacts PRO.

Question Is Business PRO compatible with Windows Mobile 6.1/6 and Windows Mobile 5?
Answer Business PRO is compatible with Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1 devices as well as Windows Mobile 5 .

Make sure that you select the correct edition based on the first question above.

Question Is Business PRO compatible with square screen devices (like Treo PRO/800w/700w/700wx/750 and HP 6515)?
Answer Business PRO is fully compatible with square screen devices as well as landscape operation.


Question Which contact database does Business PRO utilize? Does Business PRO use Outlook?
Answer Business PRO uses the regular Outlook contact database on the phone/Pocket PC. This contact database is also used by the regular 'Contacts' program.
The Outlook contact database on the phone synchronizes with MS Outlook on your desktop computer via Activesync. This allows you to add/edit contacts on both the phone with Business PRO and your desktop/laptop computer in Outlook while keeping contacts synchronized and backed up on both. This is one of the most powerful features of Windows Mobile.

If you use a different contact database like ACT!, Maximizer or similar, there are 3rd party synchronization tools available that let you transfer contacts to the phone for use with Business PRO.

Question I have contacts stored on my SIM card - how do I transfer them to the phone?
Answer If you have SIM contacts you can transfer them over to the phone by using the SIM Manager or if your phone does not have one, the regular Contacts program itself will have an option to copy from SIM to phone.

If you have a lot of contacts on your SIM card, you can easily automatically import all SIM contacts by using a small utility like SIMImp.

There are numerous benefits of using regular Outlook contacts on a Windows Mobile phone - more contact data fields, easy backup and synchronization with your desktop computer via Activesync, etc.

Ringtones and SMS tones

Question Which sound formats can I use for ringtones in Business PRO and can I  use MP3s?
Answer Business PRO lets you assign .WAV, .WMA, .MID, .MP3 and MP3-DRM files as ringtones but their use is device dependent.

Most Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices can use all formats. Older Pocket PC 2003 devices can use .WAV and .MID ring tones only.

Business PRO is able to preview .wav, .mp3 and .wma files.

Question Where are the Ringtones and SMS tones stored?
Answer Ringtones that come bundled with your phone are stored in the \Windows or \Windows\Rings folder on the phone.

One high-quality Ringtone and two SMS tones that are bundled with Business PRO are stored in the \Windows\!px_ringtones folder on the phone. This folder will be on the top of the list when you browse for sounds.

Question What kind of sounds can I use for SMS tones?
Answer It is best not to use long ringtones or MP3 songs as SMS tones as this will put an unnecessary resource load on the phone.

For best operation, use short (up to 5 seconds long) sounds as distinctive SMS tones. You can find short sounds in the \Windows folder on the phone.
Business PRO comes bundled with 2 high-quality WMA sounds you can use. They can be found in the \Windows\!px_ringtones folder on the phone.
Get more high quality ringtones and SMS sounds in our online store.

Question Where should I store my custom RingTones/SMS Tones?
Answer If you create or use your own Ringtones and SMS tones they should be stored in internal storage memory on the phone. This ensures fastest and most reliable operation. You can store the files in any folder on the device.
Question How do I assign a ringtone to a group of contacts?
Answer To assign a ring tone to a group of contacts first assign a category to those contacts in Outlook.

Then open the RingTone manager in Business PRO and assign a new ringtone to that category.
Question How do I assign a ring-tone to a contact using Business PRO?
Answer Here is how to assign a simple ring tone:
  1. Open Business PRO
  2. Open the Ringtone Manager, select a contact and press the Assign button.
  3. This brings you to a file browser. Browse to the Windows folder
  4. You will now see a list of folders and ring tones. Scroll down until you see a ring tone (example alarm1.wav) and tap to select it
  5. You can press the PLAY button to play it (preview)
  6. Tap on SELECT to assign it to the contact

That’s it! When that contact calls you, their ring tone will play.

Question I assigned a ringtone but I am hearing a beeping or clicking sound when someone calls
Answer The assigned ringtone is of an incompatible format for your device. Most devices support .wav and .mid ringtones and newer devices support formats like mp3 or wma.


Question How do I add contact photographs to my device?
Answer There are four ways to utilize contact photographs with Business PRO.

If the device has an integrated camera then simply open the Photo Manager (tap Photo Caller ID in the main menu) select a contact, tap Item>Assign and browse to the folder where the camera stores photos on your device. This is most likely the \My Documents\My Pictures folder.

First re-size then copy photos from your desktop/laptop computer to your phone via Activesync. Assign them in Business PRO by selecting a contact and tapping on Photo>Assign.

The best way to assign many large, clear photos is the SmartName method outlined here and in the Users Guide. This is as easy as cropping and naming your photos on your desktop computer and then transferring them onto the phone. This method allows you to assign large and clear pictures easily.

Business PRO will import your Outlook pictures automatically on first start. However, Outlook pictures are of low quality as Outlook resizes them to a small size. Once you get more familiar with the program, we recommend assigning larger pictures by using one of the first 3 methods above. You can also import photos from Outlook manually by tapping on the Import button in Tools>Options in the program.

Question I am using Outlook pictures but they are too blurry and of low quality. What should I do?
Answer Outlook pictures are generally too small for Full Screen and Business Photo Caller ID. Outlook re-sizes pictures to the 72x72 or 72x96 pixels resolution maximum and this is just too small.

You can use SmartName or one of the other methods described in the section above. All you do is crop a few pictures, name the pictures with the name of the contact (i.e. "Lisa Green.jpg") and transfer them to the phone. It's that easy!

We recommend using 200x200 or 240x240 pixels of resolution for a contact picture (jpg). This will ensure sure the picture is large and clear.

Question What is the recommended image size for contact photographs?
Answer 200x200 pixels is the optimum size for a contact photo. By default Business PRO saves photos with this resolution (this can be changed in the Options screen)
Question I am using SmartName to assign photos to contacts. I have named by images properly and transferred them to my Pocket PC but they are not showing up.
Answer Please make sure you're not adding a double ".jpg" extension to your images in Windows on your PC. Open 'My Computer' and click on Tools/Folder Options/View. Make sure that the "Hide extensions for known file types" is NOT checked.
Question Where are contact pictures stored? Where should I store my contact photos?
Answer By default Business PRO stores contact photos in this folder on the device:

\My Documents\Photo Contacts\

All the contact pictures in this folder will follow the SmartName naming scheme. Contact photos can be stored in internal memory on the device itself (default), built-in-storage, or a memory card. For most reliable operation we recommend storing pictures in internal memory on the device.

If you wish to store photos on a memory card then go to Tools>Options in Business PRO and select a memory card as the "Photo Location". Business PRO will automatically create the above folder structure on the card. You can also type in a fully custom location in the Photo Location field.


SMS Messaging

Question How do I add my own quick-sms responses or edit the pre-defined list?
Answer Open and edit the "SMSPresets.txt" file located inside the Business PRO installation folder on the device (\Program Files\Business PRO).

Add one line per custom message.


Question Does Business PRO work with non-English language devices?
Answer Business PRO is compatible with all languages. We encourage you to try the demo version and see how it works for your language.
uestion What are the differences between Business PRO and Photo Contacts PRO?
Answer Please click here for a feature comparison.
Other Questions?

Contact us and we will be glad to help!





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