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PocketX Software Announces Photo Contacts Smartphone Edition

Introducing a revolutionary new way to use the Smartphone

Windsor, ON.--May 20, 2003 -- PocketX Software Inc., a leading provider of mobile software solutions for the Microsoft Pocket PC and Smartphone platforms, today announced “Photo Contacts Smartphone Edition”, a revolutionary new software application for the Microsoft Smartphone mobile platform.

Photo Contacts brings new functionality to the Smartphone user - the essential ability to dial a contact by selecting their photograph. With Photo Contacts, dialing a contact is a breeze - just select your contact's picture and press the talk button.

Photo Contacts includes Photo Caller ID technology that displays the photograph of a person that is calling while the phone is ringing. PhotoBeam technology integrated into Photo Contacts lets two Smartphone users easily exchange contact photographs using Infrared capabilities of their phones.

Four navigation views allow both advanced and novice users to easily locate contacts with the help of the Smartphone’s integrated joystick. Contact photographs are easily linked with Outlook contact entries on the phone via the program’s SmartName feature.

The demo version of Photo Contacts Smartphone Edition is now available for download from Pocketx Software’s website. For more information about Photo Contacts, visit http://www.pocketx.net/smartphone/photocontacts.html.

About Photo Contacts Smartphone Edition

Integrating Photo-dial, PhotoCallerID, PhotoBeam and SmartName technologies into one, Photo Contacts allows a Smartphone user to intelligently add and utilize contact photographs.

About PocketX Software Inc.

Established in 2001 and headquartered in Windsor, Canada, PocketX Software develops and brings to market innovative consumer and business solutions for mobile devices.

To obtain more information about Photo Contacts, please visit www.pocketx.net/smartphone/photocontacts.html



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