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December 2, 2003


PocketX Software releases Photo Contacts 2.0 for the Windows Mobile Smartphone

This major update includes Caller ID Override to help with non functioning Caller ID on some Smartphone devices and includes many new features

We're pleased to announce the release of Photo Contacts 2.0

Photo Contacts 2.0 is faster, better and more fully featured than its predecessor and the competition.

Here is a full list of new features in version 2.0:

  • Featuring 2 new Photo Caller ID modes (SIMPLE mode displays a smaller photo, THEMED mode displays a medium sized photo)

  • Awesome new photo adjust engine lets you crop and adjust contact photographs on the Smartphone

  • Photo image browser lets you easily assign photos to contacts on the phone (great for camera phones). SmartName is still the
    preferred option for assigning many contact photos at once.

  • SMS/MMS/Email support facilitates easy message sending through Photo Contacts

  • Contact photos can now be sent via MMS, Email and Infrared (via PhotoBeam)

  • Caller ID Name Override feature fixes the Caller ID bug in US based Smartphones (i600, MPx200)  Read more about this...

  • Option to enable continuous ring-tones

  • Ability to sort contacts by Company Name

  • Photo ZOOM feature (just press * to display a large photograph of the selected contact)

  • Incoming Call forwarding info is shown in Themed Photo Caller ID (support varies by network)

  • Enhanced call dialog remembers the last selected number for each contact for Talk-Talk functionality

  • Automatic auto-run at startup loads Photo Contacts in the background

  • Enhanced support for memory cards

  • Performance improvements across the board (everything is faster!)

Photo Contacts 2.0 has been Microsoft Logo Certified and is compatible with all Windows Mobile Smartphone 2002 and 2003 devices.

Here are a few screenshots of Photo Contacts 2.0:


Browsing, viewing and sending contacts and photos...

Assigning and Adjusting photographs...


Two new Photo Caller ID modes...


Caller ID Name Override feature fixes Caller ID problems by displaying the name of the caller during an incoming call...


"Photo Contacts was a great app in 1.0 and now it looks like a must-have for American users. To make the deal even better, 2.0 is a free upgrade for anyone who purchased the previous version!" - Read More (source: SmartphoneThoughts.com)

"One of the key things that kept a PocketPC in my pocket every day after I bought my MPx200 was that I couldn't keep all 693 of my contacts on my phone and still see caller ID.  I guess I don't really need caller ID but I like caller ID, I like it a lot.  There is a underlying problem with the software in the MPx200 and the i600 that if you have more than around 200 numbers in your phone you will never see the name pop up on the caller ID screen.  This drove me crazy......I think I would call Photo Contacts 2.0 a must have app, this is one that I won't remove right after the review...." -  Read More (source: mpx200.org)


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About Photo Contacts (Smartphone Edition)
Integrating Photo-dial, Photo Caller ID, PhotoBeam and SmartName technologies into one, Photo Contacts enhances the Smartphone mobile experience.

About PocketX Software Inc.
Established in 2001 and headquartered in Windsor, Canada, PocketX Software creates and brings to market innovative consumer and business solutions for mobile devices.

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